Weekly Report 2 jun 12

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Weekly Report 2 jun 12

Post by Brad » Sat Jun 02, 2012 3:52 pm

Similar land based fishing has continued at the bridges throughout the Ross River with quality size mangrove jacks getting caught along with some winter species including flathead, grunter a some nice bream. These winter species are all a great option to target on soft plastics and they can test your angling skills with tentative bites and fussy appetites which make for entertaining fishing. The smaller gulp plastics work a treat along with the DOA Teeny Terror Eyez for these harder to catch species. Anglers fishing the beaches have also been getting into some nice flathead on soft plastics and blades. Walking along the beaches north of Townsville including Saunders and Balgal beach produce nice flathead with the run out tide a great time to be casting. The whiting are starting to show up with some nice size ones getting caught although not in big numbers. Pumping a few yabbies should give you the best chance at snaring a few whiting. Using a small section of red tube above the hook adds a little extra spice to the rig and helps to attract the whiting, a little tip to try next time you go after a few whiting.

With the water temperatures slowly dropping in the creeks and rivers changing your approach can still see you having good success and in particular on the Barra. Using soft plastic lures and small blades are a good option to get a few Barra with the smaller profile making them an easy snack for a not so hungry fish. Even dropping your leader size to around 30lb can attract a few more strikes. The crabs have been around in good numbers although the size has been a little small with a fair amount of sorting required to jag a few legals. With the water getting a little colder the bream, grunter, salmon and whiting all come to the party when using bait in the creeks which makes for easy fishing and an ideal opportunity to get the kids out for some fishing. Simple spin reel set ups with lighter line and smaller hooks will just about guarantee a few fish landed and for the kids the size isn’t that big of a factor. Suitable areas to start looking are the mouths of any creeks along with deeper drop offs which are ideal for a few baits to be cast out.

The weather is hopefully going to be a little kinder to all us anglers allowing some blue water fishing to take place and get into some quality reef species. The shoals behind magnetic island are a great area to do a bit of looking around whilst trolling a few lures for a mackerel. Large mouth nannygai and red emperor along with record breaking cobia have all been caught on the shoals often when driving along and having a good show on the sounder resulting in some action. Dropping big soft plastics down and bouncing them around draws some awesome strikes with a good slab bait also getting the job done. The doggie mackerel are getting caught when the weather allows in the shipping channel and the technique of trolling bibbed minnows in the 150mm size works well to get a nice catch of mackerel. I find brighter colours and chrome silvers to work well when trolling inshore for the doggies and driving at around 6knots is a good pace. A great to way to determine the perfect troll speed is when your lure is really making the rod tip work.

Monstrous tides this weekend should make for great mackerel fishing around the headlands if the weather allows alternatively fishing for a few nice whiting and flathead off the beaches on the morning tide should see some action.

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