Weekly Report 17 Jun 12

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Weekly Report 17 Jun 12

Post by Brad » Sat Jun 16, 2012 3:51 pm

Another week of superb weather has allowed for some nice fish to be landed along the headlands and beaches around Townsville. Large schools of trevally and queenfish have been harassing baitfish along the break walls and Strand jetty making for some great fun. Casting sinking blades and working them back aggressively is a great technique to get into a few of these fish and the best blade has to be the Koolabung x-ray prawn in the 7 gram size. Try using a colour with a little more flash like the gold or silver versions. There has even been a few smaller school mackerel landed amongst these schools. Along the northern beaches a good run of flathead have been around with quality fish caught on both bait and lures. Flathead are an ideal species to target if you are just starting using soft plastics as they are very willing to take a variety of different lures and can be landed on lighter tackle. You can have success using a simple pre rigged soft plastic and the technique is also simple with the most important part being allowing the lure sink to the bottom. There has also been a steady stream of grunter getting caught whilst bait fishing at creek mouths accessed of the bank such as Balgal and Saunders beach.

The creeks and rivers surrounding Townsville have been fishing great with plenty of variety landed throughout a day’s fishing. The blue salmon have made their presence felt far and wide with big numbers caught when a school is located. Anglers fishing the deeper creek mouths and junctions have found the best numbers along with better size fish. Fishing the deeper parts of any estuary system can see larger fish caught including Barra, threadfin salmon and numerous other species. The Hinchinbrook channel has been fishing great for certain boats with some nice Barra and salmon also caught. Casting to Barra in structure using slow floating diving lures and of a smaller size such as 80mm has been the most successful technique. The range of Koolabung divers work great in particular the razorback prawn. The water has been quite clear so using natural colours instead of brighter chartreuse patterns is also recommended. If you are live baiting then a bucket full of live prawns is as good as a winning lottery ticket if you are targeting cold water barramundi also.

Stable conditions and calmer inshore winds early have given the opportunity for a good day fishing the bay and shoals for mackerel and fingermark. Headlands and isolated bait schools have been productive for fingermark with a better bite coming on the turn of the tide. Generally once a patch of fingermark is found a few can be landed and being a very slow growing fish letting a few go is great practise for a healthy fishery. On the other end of the spectrum there have been some great reports of juvenile marlin caught when trolling around known areas of Hinchinbrook and bowling green bay. If you want to set yourself a challenge then try chasing a marlin as there is healthy numbers around and you can definitely land these fish from a smaller boat once you have the right gear. The bottom fishing for nannygai and red emperor is also in full swing with good numbers turning up at productive marks. A large variety of other species has been caught alongside the prized fish including other emperors, mangrove jacks and some cracking cobia.

Heading up to the northern beaches chasing few flathead along with some nice grunter on bait sounds like a great plan with high morning tides making fishing of the beach ideal.

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