Weekly Report 21 Jun 12

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Weekly Report 21 Jun 12

Post by Brad » Thu Jun 21, 2012 7:26 pm

Consistent land based fishing has kept anglers busy in the mornings and afternoons with some nice variety landed. Off the rock pool and the end of the break walls they are catching decent size school mackerel along with a few smaller Spanish mackerel. Casting out unweighted pilchards rigged on a set of 4/0 gangs is a sure fire way to catch a mackerel and a little tip is to use a mono leader instead of wire as you will increase your bites substantially. Throwing small slices out, letting them sink then retrieving them flat out is getting a bit of action and is great fun when using lighter gear. The lakes have been fishing well lately for some nice yellow fin bream and anglers using bait on small spin rods are having the most success. If you are after a fun and challenging fish to target on soft plastics then bream has to be it, their tentative strikes make for a bit of finesse to be applied. Using light fluorocarbon leaders and small plastics are two essentials and one of my favourite plastics would have to be the DOA Teeny Terror Eyez.

The headlands have been a go to spot for many lure casters recently with good results after a day casting for Barra amongst the rocks. Slow floating lures twitched down beside bigger rocks and allowed to slowly rise up normally get a good response. A lure that is ideal for this style of fishing is the Koolabung live bait and a tip is to upgrade the hooks to heaver models resulting in a slower float rate. Nice flathead are still getting landed with some real monsters getting caught pushing well into the 80cm mark. These bigger fish are the larger breeding fish and are best released with the smaller ones being better for a meal. When a large breeding flathead which is a female fish is around there are usually numbers of smaller male fish following for their slice of the cake, this is when some of the best fishing can be had with plenty of active hungry fish are in the area. In the creeks and rivers healthy numbers of fingermark have been found in the deeper holes and areas with substantial structure. Morrissey’s is an ideal spot for chasing a few creek fingermark and they respond well to jigged soft plastics once located. In terms of baits the humble greenback herring would have to be one of the fingermark’s favourite meals.

Reasonable conditions saw plenty of smaller craft target the islands and shoals with great success. Boats fishing the headlands and reef around Magnetic Island have been catching some nice coral trout. Coral trout are a great fish to catch with excellent fighting qualities and being a top notch table fish. They are getting caught on lures mainly with the gulp range a good choice along with the Shimano Wax wing lure. Casting towards the rocky headlands and retrieving back into the deeper water will see action as the fish will be waiting to strike any bait fish seen fleeing away. Further out at the reef some non-stop nannygai fishing has been experienced with just about every bait dropped to the bottom getting terrorised by a hoard of hungry fish. Once the fish are on the chew hooking up and dropping fish can put them off the bite so having sharp hooks can result in more fish landed. Good quality red throat emperors are getting landed in the day time at the reef and many would argue that they are on par with the eating quality of a coral trout so definitely a favoured species.

Plenty of options are on the cards this weekend and a day up the creek chasing some nice flathead while dropping the pots in sounds alright. On the other hand casting some lures around Magnetic Island chasing a coral trout should produce some action if the weather permits.

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