Weekly Report 2 Aug 12

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Weekly Report 2 Aug 12

Post by Brad » Thu Aug 02, 2012 6:45 pm

There has been some consistent land based reports flowing through with anglers catching some nice Barra along the break wall. Fishing in the morning has seen great results when using either live bait or lures. In the mornings when the wind is lighter casting lures is a great option as the strikes can be very visual and using lures you seem to have a better chance of landing a decent size fish in amongst the rocks. With a few better size fish getting caught it pays to throw around a larger lure up to the 10cm size. The Koolabung live bait it a top option to be using in the rocks. Most bares caught have been just over the legal size in the 60cm bracket which is a great size sport fish. Some good days have been had when anglers have gone walking the rivers around Townsville and further north towards Hinchinbrook in the upper reaches targeting jungle perch. With most of these systems running clear there is no better time to be fishing for junglies, lures are the option to try if you plan on catching a jungle perch. Small poppers and divers such as the Strada piccola and chaos are good lure choices. You want to also use natural colours as the brighter colours in the clean water can deter fussy fish.

We have had some great weather recently and this has given plenty of keen anglers the chance to get onto some nice Barra in the creeks and rivers. In particular the Hinchinbrook channel has been rewarding many anglers after a day up there with good scores of fish landed. A good spread of variety has been caught also alongside the Barra with species like bream, flathead, trevally and mangrove jacks all seeing the net. Fishing larger snags and creek mouths on the falling tide has seen the better results. Using live mullet fished on a dropper rig is a set up that is sure to get you some action as most fish can’t resist a good live bait wiggling in front of them. Fishing the same rig with a larger sinker in the deeper holes is accounting for some monster threadfin salmon as well pushing over the 1 meter mark. Consistent crabbing has been putting a smile on all the avid crabbers out there with many reports mentioning that the crabs have been very full. Not many undersize crabs have been caught either which makes sorting a pot full of angry crabs much easier.

It looks like we are in for a great run of weather with calm seas forecast for the next few days. The tides also look ideal so there is sure to be plenty of boats on the water this weekend and there should be plenty of trips to the reef and from all reports the fishing has been great with nice catches of coral trout seeming the common outcome for many. In the shallower water up to 30m has seen the most action with a good amount of fresh slab bait on your hook a good ticket to land a coral trout.
Around the full moon the tides are ideal for chasing pelagic fish like the Spanish mackerel and billfish. In particular the Spanish mackerel reports have been quite good in recent days with plenty of fish willing to take trolled baits like garfish and wolf herring. Keeper reef has been fishing quite well for Spanish mackerel with most around the 8 to 10kg mark however over the next few months this area will start to attract the bigger fish around the 20kg mark. On small tip when chasing Spanish mackerel try fish your baits or lures close to the surface early and late in the day and in the brighter part of the day get them down deeper and you will find your catches will improve.

Some great mackerel fishing is around and getting your rigs sorted and heading out targeting a few nice Spanish mackerel should be a great option with the weather permitting.

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