Weekly Report 7 Sep 12

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Weekly Report 7 Sep 12

Post by Brad » Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:56 am

There has been some great land based catches recently and in particular the fresh water sections of the Ross River have been firing. Fishers have been landing some excellent sized Barra with the majority of the fish getting caught in the 70-90cm bracket. Using lures have been the most successful technique and is quite convenient if you are only going down for an hour or so of fishing. Fish have been caught on both soft plastics and hard bodies with the favourites being the Strada Tracka along with the Jackall transam and squidgy slick rig. A more urban area that is the Lakes have started to fish quite well again with a few great size mangrove jacks rewarding anglers for a bit of time spent fishing down there. Fishing at sunset and into the night has proved to turn up a bit more action with fresh slab baits not going out untouched with lures such as the Koolabung blade also getting fish. The Lakes do get their fair share of fishing pressure and I have found that if you use a lighter fluoro carbon leader you seem to get more bites from wiser fish. A leader off about 20lb will see your success increase rather than using something of around 40-50lb.

We have had some great tides and this resulted in some reports of top Barra fishing. One technique that is heaps of fun is casting diving lures into the snags in the hope of hooking into a Barra or mangrove jack. Getting a bunch of mates and taking a day to focus on the snags can see some top fish caught and plenty of other good species. Casting diving lures such as Koolabung Razorbacks and Richo Extractas that are floating models are ideal. This buoyancy in the lure will allow it to float up over a snag when some slack line is given which will see you getting snagged a lot less. When you are fishing around the snags which can be quite harsh on your line and leader and you are often putting a fair bit of pressure on hooked fish which is why a heavy leader of 50lb is recommended. On the crabbing scene consistent numbers have been making their way into well set crab pots with fresh bait. From reports you have had to do a bit of sorting through smaller crabs to find the larger ones but the ones that have been over the 15cm legal size have been full and healthy.

Over the weekend there was plenty of boats out there fishing and some nice captured were recorded. One thing that stood out was the number of spotted mackerel caught on everything from trolled skirts to floated pillies and live baits. They are great sport fish and nice eating; the current size limit for spotted mackerel is 60cm with a bag limit of 5 per person. A few trophy sized Spanish mackerel have been getting caught from inshore waters also with some fish getting into the 40lb bracket which are a real handful when hooked. If you want to target the bigger Spanish then try to use large baits and lures as they are not shy at attacking something that can be 60cm long! Large wolf herring and live baits are good options they usually don’t last long when there are a few big hungry mackerel around. Offshore on the reefs the coral trout have been in good spirits as catches are common at the moment of fish in the 60cm which are a top eating fish. Fishing on the reef edge in a depth between 25- 35m has seen the most action along with other species such as red throat emperor and job fish.

This weekend has some excellent neap tides and casting some diving hard bodies around the snags chasing a few Barra should prove entertaining. Alternatively if the weather allows fishing the reef for some coral trout would be pretty sweet too!

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