Weekly Report 8 Oct 12

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Weekly Report 8 Oct 12

Post by Brad » Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:34 pm

There have been some great reports of top land based catches recently with a variety of species getting caught. Anglers fishing the lakes have encountered some great size flathead when flicking soft plastics. The water has been quite clear in there which has seen natural colours including silver and gold working better. There has also been a few barra and mangrove jacks caught and these fish will both take a soft plastic lure along with the ever faithful Koolabung Blade. I find alternating between these two lures can see some great results as the soft plastic has a more subtle action whilst the blade is a more erratic vibration lure enticing some strong hits. Along the break walls consistent numbers of tarpon are getting caught and when the water has been calmer in the early mornings you have been able to sight cast to rolling fish. Small surface lures and blades are good lure choices. Anglers fishing along Pallarenda using fresh baits such as prawn and mullet have landed some healthy flathead also. Casting your bait out and slowly retrieving it in is a good technique as often the flathead will lie in one spot waiting for their food to come to them. By winding your bait in slowly and casting it out you will cover much more area.

Consistent reports of good barra fishing have been flowing in from around the traps with areas such as the Hinchinbrook channel, Morrissey’s creek and the Bohle River
all proving worthy. Anglers using live mullet have had some great scores with a few larger barra landed throughout the day also. Fishing in deeper areas of the creek
systems at the run out tide has been a good method with a few unlucky fish swimming past your live baits and taking an easy meal. Putting on a bigger bait around this time of the year can put you in with a good chance of targeting the big barras as they are at their most willing to take a big bait. Casting lures into the snags has been another productive method to get onto a few barras, these fish will generally be a bit smaller but in healthy numbers. Try casting lures that have a rattle such as the Strada Tera as this can really excite the fish and draw some vicious strikes. There have also been some nice finger mark getting caught in the creek systems and in the deeper parts of the Hinchinbrook channel. You often find that jigging soft plastics is very effective technique to target finger mark and colours that include some green in them have been noticeably more productive.

We have scored some reasonable weather over the past week and this again saw plenty of keen anglers taking the boat offshore and catching some beautiful reef species. Some of the best reports of coral trout have been heard recently with good numbers caught with reasonable ease and the fish have been averaging the 60cm size. The best action however has been in slightly deeper water from 30-50m. There a still a few nice mackerel getting landed also out at the reefs with the simple floated pilchard working wonders. Mackerel up to 20kgs have been caught on this method recently which proves its effectiveness. In the deeper water around 50m+ a few quality red emperors have been caught on big slab baits along with some trophy size nannygai. Both of these species are very sought after and when fishing for them keeping only what you need will see you keeping on catching them for years to come.

There is not a lot of tides this weekend so casting a few lures into the snags in the hope of tangling with a few nice barra would be a great option.

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