Weekly Report 12 Oct 12

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Weekly Report 12 Oct 12

Post by Brad » Fri Oct 12, 2012 6:46 pm

With much the same conditions of blue skies and some calm mornings the land based fishing has stayed consistent turning up plenty of great fishing opportunities. When the winds have been calm and the seas flat the break walls have been active. Good numbers of Barra are getting landed with some nice fish wreaking havoc on anglers gear through the rocks also. If you are using live baits then make sure you have good quality leader that can withstand the wear and tear of running over the rocks if this happens. A 50lb leader is fine and we recommend the Galis Fc to be some of the best available. When chasing bait it is a good time to put on larger bait than you would use with big mullet some of the best to score a monster fish.

When putting on a big bait you must have a big enough hook to match to ensure you get a solid hook up, try about an 8/0 wide gap. The fresh water sections of the Ross River are still providing plenty of entertainment with the resident Barra on the bite in this hotter time of the year. Most fish have been caught in the late afternoons with a few hours of casting enough to score some action. Shallow diving hard bodies that swim to around 1 metre are ideal as this won’t see you catching much weed on your line and upgrading to quality hooks is definitely a must. The Strada Tera models along with the Koolabung live baits are both working great.

Over the weekend some top catches in the creeks were the standout as the Barra fishing was red hot for certain anglers fishing lures. Casting and trolling both accounted for fish although from reports those who trolled larger lures were hooking up to a bigger class of fish. This can be from the bigger lures being the size meal the large fish are after rather than smaller jigged soft plastics. Also the rattle of some of the larger lures like the Barra classics are a great fish attractant. Local rivers like the Bohle have been consistent in the numbers of fish caught and some of the best results have been on the turn of the high tide as it starts to run out. There have also been increasing numbers of finger mark getting caught at deeper sections in river mouths and on the head lands. Finger mark are a schooling fish and when you find a spot where one is caught there are most likely a bunch more swimming around down there, so keep casting as you will generally catch a couple more. On the crabbing scene there are still a few nice bucks getting pulled up although not in big numbers. If you move your pots around a bit more this can be a good method to get a few more crabs for the day.

Steady numbers of quality coral trout are still being the majority of fish on the bite as anglers that have been onto a good patch of fish kept busy for hours. Both bait and jigs have been fishing well but those that have scored live baits have been getting stretched landing some of the best fish on their trips. The weather is a fair bit warmer but good mackerel have been making their presence felt among fishermen when out at the reef. Trolling a diving lure or floating a pilchard is two methods to get onto some mackerel action. The general size has been between the 6-10kg mark which are a top fighting fish and great eating size. Those fishing for red emperor have been reporting some real monsters getting caught pushing over the 10kg mark which are a tackle tester. Making sure you rig is strong enough in terms of good knots, sharp strong hooks, durable leaders and reliable line will see you hopefully land more than what you lose!

The new moon is on Monday providing us with some big tides which would make ideal for some Barra fishing on the headlands and also into some of the coastal creeks. Casting larger lures around the rocks or soaking a few big mullet should see some action.

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