Weekly Report 19 Oct 12

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Weekly Report 19 Oct 12

Post by Brad » Fri Oct 19, 2012 6:52 pm

Casting a few of your favourite lures throughout the lakes has seen some top quality fish caught with species like tarpon, Barra, mangrove jacks and the odd flathead all making an appearance. Some of the best results have come at sunset; this allows the larger predatory fish to hunt on the changing of light conditions and have a better chance of catching a few of the many bait fish around. Lures that suspend or swim on the surface have been doing great a few proven models are the Koolabung 70mm poppers along with the Bolt Taser diving lures. If you fancy using bait then get your hands on a bucket of live mullet and herring and throw a few out and you should see some action. Using a running work fine when using live bait in the lakes as there is usually not a lot of current. The weirs are also fishing great with some top Barra fishing on at the present for those heading down at the right times. Fishing in the early morning, sunset and also into the night will be your best times to catch a nice Barra and alternating between lures at these time will also increase your chances. Surface lures are better to be used at night as often the fish will be more active and move to the surface to feed.

The weekend proved productive for many anglers that headed out fishing with the variety of fish landed amazing. To the north of Townsville the Hinchinbrook channel
turned it on with species such as Barra, salmon, mangrove jack, grunter, finger mark and many others all caught in a day’s angling. Most of the action was found in the snags with some great jacks smashing lures thrown around the timber. Lures that dive to around 3 metres are doing the damage as they swim deep enough to bang on any submerged timber in which the fish will be sitting. Another lure that has been catching some great fish is using a weedless soft plastic rigged to sink down through the structure. The squidgy fish range is a great lure for weedless fishing and come in many sizes with plenty of great colours to choose from. The crabbing was quiet for the past few weeks but from reports it looks to be improving with some nice bucks getting caught recently. Setting your pots along mud and mangrove edges will see better catches as the larger crabs will under the mangroves deep in the mud.

From reports the weather has been a bit rougher which we all know can put a quick stop to any serious offshore fishing. A few larger boats did manage to sneak out amongst the rough weather and they scored a few fish with some nice coral trout and large mouth nannygai making the majority of the catch. Fishing on the reef edge in a water depth from 30-40 metres has seen some great results. There have still been good numbers of Spanish mackerel around at the reefs, when trolling bibbed diving lures they have been mainly encountered. There has been some big ones caught weighing in at close to 20kg which are a real tussle when hooked an can often take off 100 metres of line in one run, so be prepared! Fishermen spending their time in the bay targeting finger mark have managed to land some quality fish when the weather has allowed. Soft plastics and sinking blade lures have seen the best results.

With the winds staying persistent chasing a few Barra’s before the close of season should be a great option. Casting diving lures into the snags should see some action
along with throwing out a few fresh live baits.

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