Weekly Report 26 Oct 12

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Weekly Report 26 Oct 12

Post by Brad » Fri Oct 26, 2012 7:00 pm

There has been some cracking mornings recently with clear calm conditions attracting plenty of fish along the headlands and anglers with them. This has shown in the
catches with fish caught of both good quality and in some top numbers. Fishing along the casino break wall and the rock pool has surprisingly produced a few nice finger mark with some specimens creeping into the 45cm size. Using soft plastics along the rocks has got the majority of fish with both wrigglers and shads doing equally well.

Casting deep diving minnows along the rocks is another method to get a few land based finger mark and try using a lure with a rattle in as this has seen considerable better results when compared to a lure without. The Duel hardcore range along with the Strada Dima is both worth having on the rod. The Lakes have been consistent in the fishing with anglers fishing into the night doing well on the mangrove jacks. Live herring and mullet fished on a running sinker rig have done the best and some of the jacks have been brutes so be ready for a few dustings.

There isn’t much to go before the end of the barra season and many anglers have been casting their arms of in the hope of getting their barra fix before a few months in a drought. The most productive areas have been when you are either luring or live bait fishing the snags. River such as the Bohle and the Haughton have been the better options with switched on fishermen getting good numbers over a day’s fishing. The size has been great with reports of barras stretching into triple digits almost becoming common along with healthy shows of fish in the 60-80cm size bracket. Casting lures into the snags and any fallen structure is an exciting way to fish as you wind the lure and anticipate the upcoming strike it makes you keep on coming back for more. A lure that has a great track record on barras is the Koolabung Razorback prawn 80mm, this lures has an excellent action and can be worked through some nasty structure, which is where you will find some great fishing.

We have been graced with a few spells of decent weather which has allowed for the keener fishermen to get out and catch some tasty reef fish. From reports there has been plenty of mackerel around on the reefs taking just about anything that you throw in the water. Trolled spoons and hard bodies are the most popular methods but if you are anchored or drifting casting out a gar or pilchard on a set of gangs will see you getting a mackerel on board also. Dropping a bait down on popular bottom for red emperor and nannygai has not left you disappointed turning up some excellent catches of these prized red fish. A considerable amount of by catch in the way of spangled emperor, cobia, cod, and trevally has kept you busy stretching the arms when the other more prized species have gone a bit quiet.

This is the last weekend of the barra season so heading up the creeks and rivers giving it your best shot chasing a few nice barra should prove a rewarding choice. Try casting a few lures and dropping some live baits in hope of hooking into a few beauty’s.

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Re: Weekly Report 26 Oct 12

Post by jasons1985 » Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:51 am

Hi Brad, I was just wandering if captains creek, or 3 mile creek are turning up any good this weekend as i wanted to head over there tomorrow morning just before dawn, and if so what would be the best plan of attack, especially for some mangrove jack or the odd barramundi

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