Weekly Report 4 Nov 12

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Weekly Report 4 Nov 12

Post by Brad » Mon Nov 05, 2012 6:32 am

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Larger morning tides turned the switch on some great land based fishing along the northern beaches with species such as flathead, grunter, salmon, bream and whiting all getting caught. One of the most productive methods is fishing with a light line using peeled prawn rigged with a light sinker. This rig allows for the bait to slowly drift around and on a light leader you will increase the amount of bites. Also a rod with a soft tip allows for increased sensitivity and hooking some of the more tentative fish will be easier. The mornings have been the better time as it is generally calmer making the water slightly clearer and producing better results. In town the lakes have been providing anglers with heaps of fun on medium size tarpon, trevally and the odd mangrove jack getting targeted on small soft plastics and poppers. Casting along the edges of the lake can see some awesome surface strikes and plenty of drag screaming when using a light line set up. A great little surface lure to be using is the Koolabung cicada fizzer it has a small prop on the front which sprays water around looking like a wounded bait fish.

We have heard some top reports of finger mark getting caught in the creeks and rivers with a few fish pushing up to 60cm which are a great size from an estuary system. Jigging soft plastics such as the Jackall Transam and Strada Senseye have seen the best results. Try jigging in the slightly deeper water and around the change of the tide. The change of the tide will result in less current making it easier to get your lure to the bottom. Using a lighter leader of around 40lb can see better results also giving the lure a better action. Anglers that enjoy a spot of bait fishing have been kept busy with consistent numbers of grunter taking baits such a gar slabs and fresh prawn. Towards the creek mouths along yabbie beds you will find that the fish will swim through at a certain stage of the tide and be feeding actively as they travel through. Anchoring up and sitting throughout the whole stage of the tide can see some nice fish caught. There has been an increase in the number of crabs getting caught also with fishermen dropping in four pots coming home with a reasonable catch.

A section of reasonable weather allowed for some reef fishing and reports suggested the fishing was great. The coral trout were on the bite with fish getting caught on just about every method including soft plastics, metal jigs, blades and of course the ever reliable bait. Good numbers of red throat emperor were landed also and you will catch these fish in exactly the same area as coral trout and on the same techniques. Numbers of Spanish mackerel have been on the increase with the early morning on the reef a prime time to get some mackerel action. Trolling will see you hooked up to a mackerel with relative ease and usually if you have a few rods out you will get a fish on each one. When trolling it is wise to use a small length of wire in front of the lure to eliminate any undue bite offs. Fishermen dropping baits to the bottom in the deeper water have come across some hefty red emperor and large mouth nannygai also. Fishing at night has definitely seen better catches in particular with the red emperor with some anglers reporting every bait dropped down getting monstered.

With a bit of decent weather on the forecast a trip out in the boat chasing a few mackerel should prove successful, alternatively fishing up the creek and soaking some baits targeting grunter would provide some great sport.

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