Weekly Report 17 Nov 12

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Weekly Report 17 Nov 12

Post by Brad » Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:28 am

Anglers that have been fishing in the lakes recently have had some great sessions on good school size tarpon when using light gear. Casting out small poppers and soft plastics has seen good results. Heading down for a few hours on dusk and dawn have definitely been the better times to get some action and often you will see the tarpon rolling on the surface giving you a clear indication on where to cast. Steady catches of grunter, bream and flathead are still coming from the northern beaches for those bait fishing. If you after a few fish for the table then a few nice size grunter make for a tasty meal and can be cooked in a variety of different ways.

We are hearing that the crabs are starting to increase with their numbers and size which makes it well worth dropping the pots in while you are out fishing for the day. As always fresh bait makes a difference and you can see noticeable results from nice bait and setting your pots in the correct area. At the mouths of small feeder creeks and at deeper undercut mangrove banks both make great spots to start. Many of the land based saltwater fishing spots can yield some great crabs and it gives you a bit of a second chance to come home with a catch.

Plenty of good fishing is still been going on now that the Barra season is closed making keen fishermen change their techniques to specifically target certain species. The fingermark is one species that gets increased pressure and for good reason as they are a great fish that fight hard, taste good and are rewarding to catch. To the north of Townsville the Hinchinbrook channel is a top spot to chase a few fingermark with plenty of deeper water areas which are ideal for either live baiting or jigging soft plastics and blades. Popular spots include around Haycock Island and at the mouths of the larger river systems. Try fishing around the change of the tide and varying your colours of the soft plastics as it is different every day. Colours that include green seem to be slightly better such as chartreuse and the popular gulp nuclear chicken colour.

With a few spells of reasonable weather in the mornings the keener anglers have had a chance to shoot out for some offshore fishing. From reports the wrecks that are before the reef have been alive with bait producing some great action on a variety of species. Fish getting caught have been most species of trevally, mackerel, spangled emperor, grassy emperor and a few very nice size cobias. Dropping down small to medium size jigs will see you encounter all these fish and can provide hours of fun stretching the arms from some serious hits. Dropping down your leader size to a good 40lb fluoro carbon will see your bites increase greatly having a chance to catch fish that have previously seen a jig before. If you are using bait you can have some fun too landing some of the better quality fish such as the emperors and often you can come across better quality nannygai and coral trout that are a bit shy on the jigs.

Some massive tides are on the weekend which should make for some entertaining fishing trolling and jigging the water around the wrecks and the cape weather permitting. Alternatively hitting the lakes for some light line action provides plenty of fun.

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