Weekly Report 7 Dec 12

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Weekly Report 7 Dec 12

Post by Brad » Fri Dec 07, 2012 8:56 pm

Steady catches of fish are still keeping anglers busy with many of the popular land based spots around Townsville producing fish. Areas such as the Causeway have had a fair bit of angling pressure and with good reason as a few great size mangrove jacks and flathead have been caught. The anglers using live bait have been cleaning up and from reports using smaller poddy mullet has been by far the best bait. Alternatively if you are lucky enough to score a few nice prawns in the cast net they won’t last long either. Casting out blades has been snaring the larger flathead and a good tip is to cast around any of the sand bars that you can see. Letting the lure sink is also important as flathead will be lying on the bottom waiting to ambush any prey that swims past. Just keep in mind if you catch a few bigger dusky flathead that they do have a maximum size limit of 75cm.

The weather has well and truly heated up producing some great fishing throughout the estuaries and rivers. The grunters have been around in steady numbers with good size ones getting caught on both lure and bait. Bait is a fail safe way of at least catching a few grunters, and fresh prawn or gars are ideal baits. Catching grunter on lures is a little bit trickier and soft plastics are a fairly consistent producer. A grub tail of about 3’’ - 5’’ will work when rigged on a fairly light jig head in terms of colours try sticking to the natural ones including both silver and gold. The ever reliable Koolabung blade is another good lure to use if you are targeting a few grunter. The finger mark are still getting caught and areas like the Hinchinbrook channel have been very consistent. Depending on the depth of water you are fishing jigging soft plastics has been catching the majority of the fish. A few salmon are also turning up with both types; threadfin and blue smashing angler’s lures when they have been in the right area. Lures that incorporate a rattle work great for the blueys and a favourite that shouldn’t be forgotten is the cotton cordell super spot. Good catches of crabs are flowing in and they seem to be on the increase which is excellent timing for this time of the year. Getting a few fresh crabs from the creeks is a real treat and I don’t know too many people that would pass up a well-cooked mud crab.

There were plenty of boats that headed out fishing the bay over the weekend with some great results. Large schools of bait around west point and at the back of magnetic island drew in some feeding mackerel and switched on fishermen scored well on these speedsters. Most of the mackerel were greys with the odd school and smaller Spanish caught as well. Throwing into the bait schools using small metal slices, wax wings and buck tail jigs yielded the best results. Even casting a popper over the top of the bait can get some action with the surface strike of a mackerel an awesome sight to see. The generally jump straight out of the water smacking the lure and then continuing to take metres of line off your reel with ease. A fair few coral trout have been getting caught around the islands on slab baits. The majority of these coral trout have been of legal size too which is a great addition to the esky when you are only fishing inshore.

Dropping the crab pots in the creek whilst trying for a couple of nice grunter and salmon would be a great option in the hope of scoring some action.

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