Weekly Report 18 Jan 13

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Weekly Report 18 Jan 13

Post by Brad » Fri Jan 18, 2013 7:10 pm

We have been getting a bit of rain recently which has introduced some good land based fishing to be had. Areas such as the lakes come alive once the rain starts as many small drains flow in and with it stacks of smaller bait which any larger fish love to feed on. This is when small poppers and stick baits can provide some awesome surface action. Good size mangrove jacks will nail a well presented surface lure along with tarpon and giant herring. The bridges throughout Ross creek have been fishing well recently for mangrove jacks on live baits also. Getting set up with your livies and sitting there for the turn of the high tide has seen the best results on these fish. Using just enough weight to keep your bait on the bottom and even casting one out under a float will see you into some action. Live baits such as herring, small mullet and prawn are all suitable. There is lots of nasty structure around the bridges including old trolleys, rocks and probably even your mate’s push bike so make sure you are running a nice strong fluorocarbon leader to avoid undue bust offs. About 40-50lb will be heavy enough and a length of around 1.5m is ample

The creeks and rivers have had some massive tides lately and this has seen some great reports of grunter coming in. Anglers using large slab baits fished on the bottom have been getting the most success. Anchoring up at the mouth and around any sandy bottom that has yabby beds is a great starting point. Those that enjoy casting lures into the snags have been getting onto some hefty jacks with a couple nudging towards the magic 50cm size mark. Smaller lures with a decent rattle have been getting the most attention and the Strada Mayan along with the old favourite Killalure Flatzrat are two lures you should tie on throughout the day. Try using colours that include red as it is a well-known fact that they do work better on the larger jacks. Also white and chartreuse are two other productive colours. We have still been getting some great reports of mud crabs from the creeks and rivers. Setting your pots in and around smaller deep creeks has been working the best and using big fresh baits will also see better results. Checking them every few hours will keep you on the ball if there are a fair few crabs about.

There have been a few breaks in the wind which have allowed many keen anglers to get out on the bay and catch a few nice fish. Fishing around magnetic island has been producing all manner of species including fingermark, trevally, cod and the odd mackerel. Finding the bait schools has been the key with the larger fish hanging off these schools feeding at certain stages of the tide. Casting live baits around the same areas as the bait is a successful technique to land some of the bigger predators. Alternatively working larger soft plastics such as the Gulp nemesis and Koolabung blades is another good technique to get some action. Offshore the deeper water around the reefs has been where the action is for fish such as coral trout, red throat emperor, nannygai and the prized red emperor. Big hefty baits are the way to go; you will often draw the big fish from a smaller shoal or section of structure to your line. The bigger baits sustain the pickers as well and when you get a proper fish interested there no mistaking the take. Have your drag set correctly and keep steady and strong rod work to hopefully draw your prize up from the depths.

The tides should allow for some fishing up the creeks casting lures into the snags targeting the red mangrove jack. Creeks such as Morrissey’s to the south of Townsville are prime areas to begin your fishing with many large fish holding snags.

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