Weekly Report 24 Jan 13

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Weekly Report 24 Jan 13

Post by Brad » Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:59 pm

A fair amount of rain has resulted in water levels rising around most of the local land based fishing haunts. The lakes are much higher which can result in some awesome tarpon fishing. Small poppers on a light spin rod are all you will need and one favourite lure is the bite size Koolabung Cicada fizzer. Fishing throughout the salt sections of the Ross River has produced some good size mangrove jacks for the anglers putting in the time.

Using both live bait and lures has been working but catching a nice jack on a lure is something all fishermen must do at least a few times. Use a smaller size lure for better results and something that has a fairly strong swimming action will also draw more attention from any nearby fish. Mangrove jacks love structure so fish around any rocks or snags and also the bridges. They will bite better at certain stages of the tide so go down as much as you can as your results will give you an indication of when they are feeding the hardest.

The Hinchinbrook channel to the north of Townsville has been fishing quite well considering the recent weather they have been experiencing. Simply casting lures to the many snags that are spread throughout the various creeks has been successful. Plenty of jacks are getting caught in the heavy timbers when anglers have been casting lures in such as the popular soft plastic Zerek prawn and the Koolabung live bait hard body. Healthy numbers of salmon are also smacking lures with the blues caught when casting into and around the shallower areas holding structure.

The larger threadfin salmon have been found in the deeper holes and targeting them requires a different technique. Jigging soft plastics works surprisingly well and there are many options on the market with most working on the right day. The Strada Senseye 80 and 100 soft vibes are definitely worth tying onto your line. An old favourite that often gets forgotten is the cotton cordell super spot and their loud rattling action drives fish crazy. On the crabbing front good numbers of full bucks are getting pulled from the estuaries and this recent rain is sure to stir them up even more, so dropping the pots in would be recommended.

With the weather far from perfect at the time being the offshore scene has been put on pause for many die hard reef fishermen. Now is the time to make sure your gear is up to scratch for the next break in the weather. Checking your line on your favourite reel and the condition of the rod it is sitting on and getting them fixed if needed will keep you confident that when you are out that you won’t be let down. This time of year out the reef fishing the deeper water can be where the action is for most of the prized species. Red emperor, nannygai, cobia, coral trout and red throat emperor can all be pulled from the depths and if you are really on the money you can catch them all from the one spot. Some of these species will bite better at different times of the day so it is definitely worth hitting a spot a few times throughout the day.

The weather doesn’t look to be ideal this weekend so a trip up the creek dropping in the crab pots and trying for a few samlon and jacks should prove to be rewarding.

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