Weekly Report 4 Feb 13

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Weekly Report 4 Feb 13

Post by Brad » Mon Feb 04, 2013 7:13 pm

With the opening of the Barra season at midday tomorrow (1st Feb) there is sure to be plenty of keen anglers looking to land their first Barra for the season and from all reports the signs are very good it looks like we should be in for a cracker of a Barra season. If you prefer to chase your Barra with bait then there is none better than a big live mullet this time of year the Barra will have a real appetite and will be looking to eat as much as possible so big baits are sure to attract their attention. Likewise if lure is more your scene then larger lures or soft plastics should do the trick. We have sourced the secret soft plastics used by the team that won the recent Barra classic in the NT - the 7” Thump In Mullets. They are sure to be responsible for heaps of big Barra catches this season in our area also.

In terms of other species the reports continue to roll in about the quality and number of Mangrove Jack in many of the creeks with the Hinchinbrook in particular producing some monsters of late. Also worth mentioning at the moment is the number and quality of mud crabs around with some very good reports coming from the Burdekin in recent weeks. Hopefully a large proportion of the freshwater might have cleared from the system if not then the deeper holes are sure to be loaded with nice crabs.

Lets not forget the reef fishing with light winds forecast this weekend and good reports lately of plenty of big coral trout on the reefs there is sure to be plenty of boats heading offshore so it looks like we are in for one of those great fishing weekends with heaps of options.

With it being so hot at the moment I would concentrate any inshore fishing around the early morning and late afternoon tides. When it comes to bottom bashing the reefs these times are also best however around the middle of the day a dip in the shallows with a spear gun in hand could result in a good cool off and a few quality trout.

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