Weekly Report 1 Mar 13

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Weekly Report 1 Mar 13

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 01, 2013 5:54 pm

We have been getting some top weather lately which has made it ideal to fish many of the land based spots around Townsville. The calmer seas have made the rock walls fire up and produce some nice fish. Good numbers of Barra are taking lures with plenty of gusto and anglers that have been casting bigger minnows along the rocks have had the most success. The shallow diving Strada Tracka 120mm, Koolabung live bait 100mm and the Shimano World Stage lures have all being getting some action. There have also been a few larger cod caught when fishing along the rocks. These cod can put on a tough fight amongst the structure so make sure your drag is tight. When casting for the Barra keep changing lures as they will wise up to the same lure you have been casting for hours and often a quick change of a lure can get a bite. The freshwater stretches of the Ross River are still producing some nice Barra although it is very weedy at the moment so opt for either a surface lure or a weedless rigged soft plastic and you can still fish these areas effectively. The dawn and dusk periods are the go so head down around these times and you can come up trumps by landing a few nice fish.

From reports over the past week the creek and river systems to the south of Townsville such as the Haughton River and Morrissey’s creek have produced a few nice fish although it has been a bit slower than what it was previously fishing like. concentrating your efforts around the mouths of the smaller creeks holding good structure like a fallen tree on the run out tide has proved to be the best game plan for anglers. The smaller creeks tend to have less run in the tides than the main river and can make using lures a bit easier. The live bait fishers have still been catching their fair share of bigger fish of late when fishing the deeper holes. Good size Barra along with big threadfin salmon and the odd larger fingermark are all viable targets when sinking live baits in deeper holes so be ready for some action from whatever fish it might come from. To the north of Townsville the Hinchinbrook channel has to one of the better areas at our feet to do this style of fishing with plenty of deeper water around so there is no excuse not to get out there and chase some monsters!

Finally we have been graced with some calm seas and ideal weather conditions to go and fish the wonderful Great Barrier Reef which never seems to disappoint. There were plenty of fishermen that headed out over the past week and reports flowed in of great fishing. One species that stood out in its numbers and also of good size was the red throat emperor; there were heaps caught and the shallower reef seemed to be the best spot with the thicker structure proving ideal for these fish. Along with them reasonable numbers of coral trout were caught and you will catch these two species in exactly the same areas. Slab baits and smaller live baits work ideal for trout and lippers when fished on a dropper rig. The deeper water which does hold the bigger fish and those that are prized by anglers which include red emperor and nannygai have been fishing great with good numbers of fish caught. There has been a good presence of sharks around which do like a good feed of red fish as much as the bloke who is holding the rod and when they are thick it is almost impossible to get a fish in the boat. I am lead to believe this is because of the full moon which seems to fire them up so moving spots is the best option rather than trying to fish through them.

The weather this weekend may allow for a bit of fishing towards the creek and river mouths along with the headlands. Using live bait should see a few nice fish landed and try casting a few lures further up the river systems targeting a few Barra and jacks.

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