Weekly Report 29 Mar 13

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Weekly Report 29 Mar 13

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 29, 2013 7:31 am

There are still some good fish getting caught from the Ross River for the keen anglers fishing around dawn, dusk and into the night. The anglers that have spent the time scoring big live bats such as mullet and mud herring have been getting the bigger Barra. Getting a few good live baits and setting them either under a float or with a small sinker is the better rigging methods to be using. It’s simply a waiting game once you are all set watching patiently for that fish to strike. The northern beaches are also turning up some good fishing with healthy numbers of grunter, bream and the odd flathead taking well set baits. Fresh pumped sand yabbies are the best bait to have on your hook although the humble peeled prawn comes in at a close second. Having a rod with a soft tip will see you feel even the slightest of bites and try get away with using the lightest sinker you can use that still gets your bait to the bottom. A 1/0 long shank is a great all round hook size for this style of fishing.

Steady numbers of both Barra and jacks are coming from the creeks and rivers with reports suggesting that you can have plenty of fun casting a few lures into the snags. Weedless rigged soft plastics such as the Zerek Prawns and also the popular Koolabung Razorback prawn divers are both great lures to be casting at the snags. There have still been a few finger-mark landed in the deeper holes from the anglers that have put a bit of their time focussing on finding the most productive looking areas. Soft plastic vibes such as the Thready Buster and Transam have been the undoing of many good finger-mark so if you intent to successfully target these fish then make sure you have a few of those lures in your tackle box. The larger tides seemed to have stirred the crabs up getting them crawling into many crabbers pots. Crabs love areas that have plenty of mud and mangroves so look for smaller creeks and gutters that include the both and that have areas of shade. Set your crab pots in these areas for the stage of the tide with plenty of nice fresh bait and you should be coming home with a smile on your face a few crabs in the Esky.

The offshore areas have had a good a good break from the majority of fishermen with the winds keeping us away. Weather permitting a trip offshore should pay some good dividends on the main reef species including red throat emperor, coral trout, red emperor and nannygai. Fishing in the deeper water generally yields better quality and quantity of fish and finding deep water of around 40-60m that is holding plenty of bait and has good structure you can almost guarantee some action. Big slab baits along with live bait fished on the bottom are two good offerings that don’t normally go unnoticed. The mackerel have been making their presence felt on the reefs of late so it’s worth trolling a couple of lures between spots and casting out a float line whilst at rest.

This Easter weekend looks like it has coughed up some nice weather which should allow for plenty of good creek fishing and also the chance to fish the inshore shoals and if the wind dies down the reefs could be a good option as well.

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