Weekly Report 26 Apr 13

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Weekly Report 26 Apr 13

Post by Brad » Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:48 am

Steady reports of nice fish getting caught from easily accessible land based haunts are flowing in; fish such as Barra, jacks and some better size trevally are showing up. The bridges throughout Ross creek have been fairly successful and fishing on the top of the high tide has been getting the most action. A good size live mullet cast next to the bridge pylons is a great method to tangle with any of the larger fish that are either cruising past of hanging close to the pylon structure. Use a sinker that is heavy enough to keep the bait on the bottom because with the current can get quite strong with the bigger tides we have at the moment. Another tip is to hook your bait through the front so it can sit head first into the current flow, this will keep him alive for much longer. To the north of Townsville the beaches such as Saunders and Balgal have been turning up some reasonable fishing with grunter, bream and the odd few whiting the majority of the catch. The mouths of the creeks which flow out are ideal spots to soak a few prawns and yabbie baits for these popular bread and butter species. Getting set up and fishing on the incoming tide has been getting the better results.

This weekend has some big tides on the cards and fishing around areas where this can be limited will yield better results. Rocky out crops situated along cape Cleveland are ideal to be fished with lures and live baits. Casting paddle tail soft plastics such as the squidgy slick rigs and Koolabung razorback prawn divers are both proven choices when fishing those areas. It is good to put a bit longer into likely looking sections as often the fish will move and feed through at a certain stage of the tide. Larger rivers such as the Haughton have been producing healthy numbers of black bream and grunter for anglers using bait fished on the bottom. Fresh prawn is ideal and rigged on a simple running sinker and 3/0 hook rig will be all you need to catch some fish. On the crabbing scene there has been pretty good numbers of these delicious crustaceans around and with your legal amount of four pots per person that has been enough to catch a reasonable quantity. Set you crab pots around creek mouths that have plenty of mangroves and you should get some nice results.

We heard of some great reports flow in over the past week from anglers that fished on the reefs and deeper shoals. There was top numbers of large mouth nannygai caught and those that fished into the night had much better results. A few bigger red emperors accompanied the catch along with plenty of by catch in the way of spangled emperor, trevally and Chinamen which kept anglers busy with bent rods and tight lines. There was heaps of good coral trout landed and most of the better fish came from the deeper water that was 30m+. Medium weight knife jigs worked a treat when erratically worked off the bottom and this is a very entertaining way to fish as the hits are hard and fast making for a good fight. The smaller dogtooth jigs as well as the Shimano butterfly jigs are two favourites just make sure you have appropriate terminal tackle as the fish will present any weak links fairly quickly. It pays to upgrade the assist cords, split rings and solid rings as if you hook the monster you can then fish your tackle to its limits confidently and keep the same terminal all day, if you don’t lose it that is.

It looks as if the winds might be up this weekend and a day fishing the rivers such as the Haughton towards the mouth targeting a few nice grunter and bream whilst dropping the crab pots in should provide some action.

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