Weekly Report 2 May 13

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Weekly Report 2 May 13

Post by Brad » Thu May 02, 2013 6:42 pm

There are reasonable fish still getting caught from regularly fished land based haunts along the banks of the Ross River and creek systems to the north of Townsville. The last weir that is placed on the Ross River which separates the fresh from the salt has been rewarding anglers with good Barramundi. Using live baits suspended under a float on the saltwater side of Aplins weir has been the most successful technique to get into the action. Live mullet, herring and the odd tarpon are all ideal baits to be using.

When you are live bait fishing it is recommended to use a strong leader as a bigger Barra often will swallow the bait and become hooked quite deep, this gives your leader a hard time rubbing over their raspy mouth. An50lb leader minimum should keep you from getting rubbed through too much. The beaches and creeks north of town are turning up a few quality flathead for the anglers flicking smaller soft plastics and blades. Look for shallow sand bars the have a deeper edge and the flathead generally will sit along this edge waiting for any prey to swim past so that is where you want to casting your lure. Doing long casts and jigging you lure back seems to be the better retrieve and lures such as the Koolabung blade in the 7gr size are perfect for this style of fishing.

Anglers that have been spending the majority of their time fishing in smaller creek systems have been reporting the better catches of fish. Fairly consistent numbers of Barra are getting landed from snaggy areas which are best fished with floating bibbed hard bodies. Traveling to the upper reaches of creeks such as Barrumbush and
Cromarty provide ample amounts of structure to cast at and most of it holds fish. If you can find a spot where a gutter flows out and there is a nice snag at the mouth
it is a textbook spot to catch a barra. The anglers that have been using dead bait are still encountering reasonable grunter along with bream and flathead which are a
great mix of species if you intend to take the kids fishing. They are all fairly easy to catch and are around in pretty good numbers which is perfect for the youngsters. We are hearing an increasing amount of mud crabs getting caught on the line which is as good as an indication to drop the pots in as there are plenty crawling around at the moment.

With the current weather fishing in bay and around the islands that provide a degree of shelter is the best option. The rocky points around Magnetic Island are generally good for the chance of getting a few bar cheek coral trout. Getting live bait is your best ticket for a trout and if you have a bait jig then drop it down beside any of the shipping channel pylons that are holding bait and you will have enough quick smart. There is an increasing amount of fishermen that are using soft plastics to good effect around the island with some great captures to date of quality fingermark and coral trout along with a variety of other less desirable species.

The gulp range has a selection of good lure styles also the D.O.A C.A.L jerks had series just rig them on the right size jig head and try to use a nice light weight and you have enough of the components to catch a few of these fish on lures. The slightly cooler temperatures have resulted in a few more mackerel getting caught inshore so keep that in mind as trolling a few lures or casting slices into bait schools can see you into them as well.

With the good numbers of crabs around dropping a few pots in over the weekend whilst having a cast for a few Barra would be the better option to score some action.

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