Weekly Report 24 May 13

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Weekly Report 24 May 13

Post by Brad » Fri May 24, 2013 9:45 am

The very popular land based area of the lakes has been fishing quite well for species such as tarpon, barra and some cracker size mangrove jacks. Dawn and dusk as always have been the better times to have a line in the water with some nice fish getting caught right on the change of light period. Lightly weighted live herring and poddy mullet have been getting smashed by the bigger jacks and the barra have been jumping on these baits also, although they have been mainly smaller fish. The lakes do get their fair share of fishing pressure and using a slightly lighter leader is a wise option as you will give yourself a better chance of getting a bite from any gun shy fish.

Using lures scores good fish also with a variety of different styles working quite well. Medium size poppers and fizzers from the Koolabung range along with the D.O.A prawns are suitable choices to be casting around. If you do happen to catch a couple of good size fish from the lakes then it is best to release them as they aren’t the best eating and provide better sport when they are caught the next time round.

With the slightly cooler water temperatures there has been an increase in the numbers of fingermark getting caught from river and creeks systems throughout the Townsville region. They have been found in the deeper holes and ledges that can sounded up around bigger river mouths and junctions that are further upstream in selected systems. Dropping down a few quality live baits will almost always get some action from any fish swimming around with not only the chance of catching a fingermark but also barra, jacks and salmon all a realistic option.

Jigging works great in these areas and is a bit more sporting for the anglers looking for a challenge with the strikes often energetic and providing plenty of fun. Blade style lures such as the Koolabung 14g model and the very effective soft vibes are all top lures to be using. Casting into the snags is a common technique to target fish in the creeks and the fishermen that have been sticking to the timber have been catching some great jacks. Fish around the 40-45cm size have been willing on smacking accurately cast lures which give you a great fight in tight structure.

An increase in the numbers of schooling mackerel getting caught in the bay and shipping channel has kept anglers entertained when the weather has allowed for a fishing session out there. Float lining gar and pilchards is a simple and effective technique to get a few school mackerel and employing a berley trail will keep you on the fish longer no doubt. Trolling is another productive technique and produces exceptional results at times as you are covering a lot more ground and can stumble across quality fish. Lures around the 150mm length seem to be the right size and models such as the RMG Scorpions and the Strada Tera are proven options. Finding the bait is the key as the mackerel won’t be far off and will generally be feeding actively.

The winds look they might be up so a spot of fishing up the creek targeting a few of the fingermark that have been around should provide a bit of fun on both the lures and live baits.

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