Weekly Report 31 May 13

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Weekly Report 31 May 13

Post by Brad » Fri May 31, 2013 1:54 pm

Some great fishing has been going on at the moment for the anglers casting a line from the shore. The northern beaches such as Saunders and Balgal are fishing great for whiting with the typical numbers of these fun fish starting to show up on the incoming tide. From recent reports they have been getting caught on the last half of the high tide as the water moves up onto fresh sand flats where the fish love to feed. Whiting fishing is quite simple with the rig fairly basic just a running sinker onto a hook. You can spice this up a little with adding a small section of red tubing and some beads to help attract these fish towards your bait.

Baits that work well are prawns (peeled if the fish are a little finicky), worms and probably the best is fresh pumped yabbies. Closer to Townsville, Pallarenda has been producing a few nice Barra of the rocks recently. Live mullet and herring have been getting most of the interest with these baits producing barramundi between 60-75cm. Good size flathead have been taking live baits also which are a great by catch and can be effectively targeted on soft plastics and blades if you prefer flicking a few lures.

The inshore creeks and rivers have still been producing some great fishing for the fishers that have altered their methods slightly to match the feeding habits of certain fish species. Anglers fishing for barra have had success by using smaller lures and opting for prawn style soft plastics. Using a slow retrieve can tempt a better bite from slightly tentative fish and putting in a few more casts than normal at likely looking snags can deliver the goods on quieter days. Also using live prawns can prove the winning card for chasing barra in the colder temperatures.

The cooler times do turn a few other species on with healthy numbers of bream and grunter getting caught in the estuary systems by the fishermen using bait. Slightly deeper ledges are great areas to drop fresh bait into and the bites are normally instant when the fish are there. We are hearing some excellent reports of crabbing going on with the crabbers setting their limit of four pots per person getting good catches of full bucks over the minimum size. Using fresh bait is getting the better results and dropping your pots at the mouths of smaller creeks has also produced great success.

Areas in the bay such as the shipping channel, West Point and Orchard Rocks behind Magnetic Island are turning up school mackerel in reasonable numbers. When the weather allows you to get out there the fishing has been good with the occasional nice Spanish mackerel tangling with anglers lines intended for school mackerel. Setting up a consistent and solid berley trail will work wonders for your fishing if you are float lining pillies as it can attract the fish to your area and keep them there feeding actively. The areas a bit wider such as Salamander Reef have been producing the larger Spanish mackerel which many anglers love to target with big wolf herring and down rigged live baits.

Slow trolling over bait balls, around structure and along current lines all will produce these bigger mackerel and the better results have come in the first few hours after sunrise for the experienced trollers. A good tip when using wolf herring is to make sure it is swimming correctly and not spinning, simply put it a few metres behind the boat and watch it to make sure it is swimming right and then feed the line out slowly to ensure it doesn’t tangle on its self from any slack line whilst it is sinking.

The land based fishing has been going great at the moment and getting the kids together to head up to one of the many northern beaches chasing a few bread and butter species should provide plenty of action.

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