Weekly Report 21 Jun 13

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Weekly Report 21 Jun 13

Post by Brad » Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:17 pm

The anglers that were fishing around the popular rock pool and break walls reported some top fishing with ideal conditions of calm clear weather turning the switch on. Top numbers of barramundi were a great surprise for those using live bait and lures and a few bigger fish were caught also. Flicking close along the rocks as they drop off into slightly deeper water has been where most of the fish have been getting caught. The incoming tide has been the go with the clearer water brining in the bait and producing a lot more activity. Lures that have been working well are the D.O.A prawn and smaller diving lures in the Strada and Bolt range.

At the end of the beak wall there are also a few school mackerel, queenfish and trevally getting caught with the cooler water temperatures attracting these fish closer inshore. Casting small metal slices and cranking them back is an exciting way to get connected to a few, particularly on lighter line set ups. When using bait live herring are excellent along with the humble old pilchard floated out on a gang hook rig. It is a wise move to set up a berley trail for these fish as they often will cruise past feeding quickly and move on but a solid berley trail will keep them in the area. Using a berley log is ideal and teamed up with some pellets and tuna oil you have all the ingredients for a steady and persistent berley trail.

The inshore estuaries have been consistent with the catches of bread and butter species such as grunter, bream, flathead and whiting making for busy fishing when using fresh bait. When the winters run of these species is in full swing it is great fun with almost every bait getting harassed by a hungry fish. This is perfect for the kids as it is simple and effective to get some action just keep the line nice and light and use a light running sinker rig. The fingermark are still on the bite with the anglers that have chased them had great catches with the quality and quantity of the fish in top form. Those that have been fishing around magnetic island have been catching some nice bar cheek coral trout which are a great addition to any days fishing. Soft plastics are dominant when fishing for both these species as they are effective and fairly easy to use. Plastics in the 5’’ to 7’’ size are ideal and paired up on a light weight jig head you are ready to go. Try to use colours that are brighter as they will stand out to any fish hanging off an underwater bombora of under a coral ledge.

A weekend of great weather that was well overdue produced some top fishing for the boats that were fishing at the reef and on the shoals. From reports the Spanish mackerel were around in numbers and willing to strike when the right lure was trolled in front of them. Spanish mackerel between the 8-15kg range were the most common with the odd larger fish caught on a larger lure or wolf herring. Trolling diving lures scored fish but the most immediate and quality results came from fishers who trolled garfish rigged on a wog head rig. This is a simple rig which works great and can be picked up from in the store from the ones pre rigged and ready to fish. There was some nice cobia getting landed on the shoals as well which are one of the toughest fighting fish and will test out any weaknesses in your gear. Cobias are real suckers for the octopus style jigs such as the Shimano lucanus ones and when worked nice and slow the cobia just can’t help themselves. Keep in mind that they do have one of the biggest minimum size limits of 75cm and a bag limit of 2.

Weather permitting shooting out early to fish for a few mackerel before the winds get too intense should be productive with the bigger tides sure to create plenty of activity for these pelagic fish.

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