Weekly Report 27 Jun 13

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Weekly Report 27 Jun 13

Post by Brad » Thu Jun 27, 2013 4:17 pm

Steady reports of good size whiting are coming from the beaches with areas such as Cungulla to the south and Balgal to the north all worth a look. Simple rigs of a running sinker work best although using light line is a must to feel the tentative bite from these fish. Fresh prawns are good bait and a little tip is to peel the prawn as if you were to eat it then wack that on your hook, with the shell now off a lot more scent will be dispersed and the soft prawn will be much easier for the fish to find and eat. Other species such as grunter, bream and flathead have been making their mark as well taking well-presented bait and occasionally on soft plastics and blades. Focus your efforts on the two hours either side of the high tide for the better results as this is when the majority of these species will be moving around looking for a meal or two.

The larger tides recently have presented some good opportunities to catch a few fish with anglers reporting of fingermark around in good numbers. The Hinchinbrook channel is one of the best places to catch a few fingermark with the vast areas of deeper water that is littered with structure ideal habitat. Most of these areas can be effectively jigged with plastics and blades for success with not only fingermark getting caught but a variety of other fish including barra, threadfin salmon, trevally, grunter and many others making for exciting fishing.

Although the majority of the barra have been caught when casting lures in the shallower water particularly on a drain as the water is exiting on a run out tide and the barra will wait at this exit point with the intention to feed on any bait that is leaving. If you find these spots and be there at the right time you can do quite well catching a few fish within just as many casts. Good lure choices are the Strada Rama 110 and the Koolabung livebait 80 and in gold and silver colours they are great for these shallow water barra.

We have had some mild weather which has allowed anglers to fish the bay and islands with reasonable success. School mackerel have been around and they are increasing in their numbers which is a good sign for the weeks to come. There have been a few undersize fish getting landed so make sure you have a correct measure and know all the relevant size limits. Spots throughout the bay and scattered along the shoals are turning up some great catches of nannygai which are an excellent fish which fight hard, look good and taste awesome.

They have been getting caught on jigs and soft plastics bounced off the bottom with lures such as the Gulp jerk shads and the lighter Shimano butterfly jigs two proven options. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled on the sounder as any structure that rises off the sea floor will attract smaller baitfish and the nannygai won’t be far behind. It is worth spending a bit of
time at these likely looking spots as the fish will often be in the vicinity and feed at certain times throughout the day.

Targeting a few school mackerel in the bay and shipping channel is always a bit of fun this time of year also heading up the rivers and targeting fingermark should prove rewarding and plenty of fun.

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