Weekly Report 8 Jul 13

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Weekly Report 8 Jul 13

Post by Brad » Mon Jul 08, 2013 1:47 pm

With a change in the pace of the weather the effort of most land based fishers have been up the creeks and rivers, and they are getting some nice fish. Nice size jacks are getting landed from the lakes and popular areas such as the causeway and the bridges throughout Ross Creek. Smaller live baits are just dynamite for these jacks and when rigged with a light sinker and allowed to drift around the pylons they are sure to get pumped. Some decent size flathead are also getting caught and those that have been fishing around areas that have sandy bottom are getting the better results.

Using soft plastics is a top way to catch flatties and you can cover a lot more ground when compared to bait fishing. Long casts with slow retrieves is a suitable technique and give your rod tip a few twitches to hop the lure off the bottom imitating an ill bait fish. The D.O.A prawn is a great lure for flatties and the brighter colours seem to work slightly better with most anglers recommending pink as the go to colour. The very successful Koolabung blade is another producer with its slim profile perfect when it is windy as you can still get a decent cast out.

There are some good whispers of grunter getting caught around the traps with decent size baits turning up the better size fish. Grunter can be timid feeders at times with the bigger fish having small soft bites at your bait, so a rod with a soft tip is essential and a lot more anglers are using bait runner style reels as you can feed the line out easily and allow the fish to take the money and run. Some great Barra fishing has been going on in the estuaries at the moment also with larger Barra getting landed from fishers using live baits and lures in the deeper water. Finding the fish has been the key, with deeper holes that have ample structure holding schools of these fish and anglers spending the time peppering these areas coming up with trumps. Smaller fish live baits seem to work better in the cooler months along with live prawn working well. This goes the same for lures with Transams and rigged soft plastics getting the bite just use a slow retrieve and try to keep the lure close to the bottom.

Consistent reports of school mackerel are turning up at the moment with the weather being the defining factor in being able to get out there and fishing for a few. Drifting a couple of pilchard and gar baits has been the better method to get some action and if you get out on the shoals and around the last few channel markers the fishing has been better. The further you venture out the better chance you have of getting into a few Spanish mackerel also which run a bit more than a schoolie so you will know if you get hit by one of them. Fishermen that have been using lures around the island in the calmer periods of the day are reporting of healthy bar cheek coral trout. These are one fish that just love good structure so be sure to be fishing around rocky and reefy bottom to get the best results.

The winds look like they make the estuaries a better option and casting a few blades and plastics around for a few winter flathead should provide plenty of fun, dropping in the pots has been a rewarding plan b as well!

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