Weekly Report 13 Jul 13

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Weekly Report 13 Jul 13

Post by Brad » Sat Jul 13, 2013 8:15 am

The land based fishing has slowed a little with the windy weather making a few of the more open areas harder to get results from. Sheltered spots along the Ross River up to Aplins weir have been turning up a few fish with a couple of decent size mangrove jacks the main customers. Anglers fishing on the high tide with a bucket full of live bait have been getting the nicer fish and putting in a few hours is worthwhile. Fishing at night time is a better option too as you get away from the wind and crowds to give yourself some top fishing action.

Surface lures work great once the sun goes down too in particular poppers and stick baits; one favourite is the Koolabung herring popper 80. There have also been some healthy numbers of bream around in the creeks and there are many land based spots to chase these fish from. The national park boat ramp and the surrounding rock wall all produce fairly consistent fishing and a good tip is to use light line for the better results. The lighter line will give you much better sensitivity to feel any tentative bites and in particular if there are any whiting around.

Inshore areas throughout the bay are fishing well with the weather being the main factor keeping anglers from reaching certain areas. On the calmer periods anglers have bolted out to Cape Cleveland and cast a few lures for some good results on barramundi and the occasional salmon. Flicking in close to the rocks and working the lure back with a few twitches of the rod is a simple and effective retrieve to score a few fish. Those fishers that have been using live bait are catching more variety with reports of good size grunter, salmon, golden trevally and fingermark all taking a liking to live bait. Live prawns, mullet and gar have been the better bait not lasting long when they have been cast out in the right area. It is a good idea to have live bait rigged under a float on the surface and one on a dropper rig on the bottom to cover both levels of the water column.

The windy conditions are restricting most plans to do some offshore fishing with the small breaks of calmer weather in the morning proving the time to go. Fishing in the bay in the morning has rewarded anglers with school mackerel and the occasional Spanish showing up as well. Trolling can be the easier option when the seas are a bit rougher too as anchoring up can be difficult and makes fishing a bit hard also. The slightly sheltered areas of magnetic island can provide some reprieve and still turn up a few fish.

Fingermark and the occasional bar cheek coral trout are the main fish worth targeting and they can be caught on a variety of offerings. Lately the most popular has been to fish with soft plastics and blades around the rocky ledges that cascade out from the many points around the island. Using a reasonable weight jig head and working the lure on the bottom seems to get the better results with the bigger fish hiding in the structure patiently watching for any unweary prey to swim past, this is what you want your lure to be looking like.

It is looking like another weekend of a windy forecast restricting any serious offshore efforts, getting a few live baits and fishing at many of the land based spots throughout the Ross River should produce some fishing action with the chance of a Barra or jack not out of the question.

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