Weekly Report 19 Jul 13

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Weekly Report 19 Jul 13

Post by Brad » Fri Jul 19, 2013 12:09 pm

The local land based spots situated along the Ross River and creek saltwater sections such as Rooney’s bridge and the causeway have been turning up a few reasonable fish lately. Some nice size Flathead have been the main species getting landed and they are taking a liking to both bait and lures. Lures retrieved along the deeper edge of larger sandbars have been the undoing of some quality Flathead. If you do catch a large Flathead it is a wise move for the future to release it as they are known to be the breeding females capable reproducing the future stocks. Soft plastics and medium depth bibbed hard bodies are good options and successful styles are the D.O.A prawn and the Strada Dima. Flathead are suckers for well-presented bait as well and fresh prawns or mullet slabs are ideal dead baits. If you can get live bait in the cast net then they are the go, small herring and mullet are like lollies to a decent Flathead. You will also catch a lot more variety using live bait with Barra, salmon and jacks all taking a liking to a nice livie.

Fishers putting the time in the larger estuary systems have been recording some worthy catches with salmon, cod, mangrove jack and the occasional Barra all turning up. One of the most successful and effective techniques has been casting lures into the snags and around the smaller creek mouths. Diving lures such as the Koolabung razorback prawn are proven fish catches and with the water being a bit dirty from the larger tides anglers using brighter colours have been getting good results. Look for spots that are off to the side of the main current and larger trees that have fallen into the water as they make for ideal ambush spots for both jacks and Barra. There has also been some top numbers of blue salmon entertaining anglers and they are a great fish to target as they are very willing to take lure, fly and bait. Blades and medium size soft plastics are good choices with the erratic action of the blade driving the salmon crazy. They will also jump on a live bait without hesitation and poddy mullet are just dynamite when the salmon are around and feeding.

Consistent reports of mackerel are still flowing in and the popular areas around Cape Cleveland such as Salamander reef are producing good size fish. Trolling garfish rigged on a wog head has been the go-to method with them getting smashed within a short time when the mackerel are around. Shoaly areas out the back of Magnetic Island and surrounds have been producing a few quality Nannygai with the cooler waters bringing these fish closer inshore to feed on the abundance of bait littered over the shoals. Small knife jigs, soft plastics and decent size slab baits will all catch these fish; just make sure you have a reasonable quality combo as they are one tough fish that will expose any weakness throughout your set up. A line class of 40-50lb will be ideal and using a 60-80lb leader will also help to avoid any rub throughs from the fish’s mouth and any surrounding structure.

This coming weekend has some massive tides due to the upcoming full moon and fishing around and up into the coastal creeks should provide some reasonable fishing just keep an eye on the tides and you should be right.

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