Weekly Report 23 Aug 13

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Weekly Report 23 Aug 13

Post by Brad » Fri Aug 23, 2013 2:22 pm

The land based fishing has been going great with the popular spots such as the lakes and the causeway continuing to fish well for the persistent and well equipped anglers. Doing most of your casts around the hour either side of the high tide has been much more productive. Using small poppers and surface stick baits they are getting smacked by schools of trevally and queen fish. Lures such as the Strada Viral are top options and there has also been the occasional barra boofing these lures too.

Fishing at dawn and dusk are the best times to use top water lures with the fish becoming increasingly active and much more willing to rise up to take prey off the surface with the lower light periods giving them a bit more security. Pallarenda has been another productive land based spot with reports of legal size barra of 60cm plus getting landed. Anglers casting around the many submerged rocks are getting the hits and with so many good looking areas it is important to look for the schools of bait such as mullet, prawn and herring. The barra and other species will be hanging close to this bait so putting in a bit more time to these areas can see you getting better success.

Inshore creeks and rivers have been fishing great with all the popular species coming to play. Barra, mangrove jacks, cod, grunter, salmon and finger mark just a few of the fish on offer. The Hinchinbrook channel has been going off with the larger tides making the mud drains a good spot to cast both stick baits and shallow diving lures. The run out tide is a prime time to be fishing the drains with the falling tide flushing any bait up in the shallows off and through the deeper channels the drains have created, the barra will lie in wait at the mouths of these drains to feed on this bait. Casting your lures around these areas is the go with plenty of action going on. There has been great numbers of queenfish getting caught as well and these are an excellent sport fish with their hard hits and aerobatic jumps making them heaps of fun to catch. Hot spots which have been going off are the Lucinda jetty and the larger river mouths which have a plenty of current on the run out tide. Using reasonable size poppers, stick baits and blades are the way to go with the surface strikes awesome to watch.

Consistent conditions of calm seas have allowed for anglers to have their lines in the waters surrounding the reefs much more frequently and the catches have been wicked. Reports from fishers using large baits in the deeper water of 40m+ have been catching red emperor of top notch quality and good numbers too. Drifting over shoaly area has been the better method with you covering a bit more ground and giving you a better chance of going over some nice fish. The red throat emperors have also been very willing to take baits and soft plastics in the shallower reef waters. They are another great eating fish and of ten where you are catching them you will come across coral trout which are never frowned upon when landed.

The creeks and rivers have been fishing great recently and are a top option for chasing a few nice barra. Casting into the snags with diving hard bodies is an ideal technique to catch a few nice fish.

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