Weekly Report 6 Sep 13

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Weekly Report 6 Sep 13

Post by Brad » Fri Sep 06, 2013 8:45 am

The windy conditions of late have been making land based fishing a much more sensible opinion with a variety of spots to fish out of the weather. The temperature is warming up and the barramundi in the Ross River are starting to fire up with some nice fish getting caught. Flicking lures around the many weed and lily pad edges is the way to go and using a weedless rigged soft plastic is a good lure as you can fish it much tighter into the weed without getting tied up. The new D.O.A airhead is an ideal plastic for this fishing with its hollow body perfect for weedless rigging. When fishing in the freshwater reaches of the Ross concentrating your efforts at dawn and dusk will see you getting more action with the change of light periods creating a bite time. The lakes have also been offering up some nice tarpon for the anglers using small poppers and blades on light line. Looking for surface bubbles and bust ups will give you a good indication of where the fish are and placing your cast close to that disturbance generally gets a hit straight away.

There have been a few top reports of good mangrove jack fishing coming from the creeks and rivers with the high tide producing the better results. Fishing with live bait in the snags is by far one of the best methods to tangle with a few nice jacks. Keep a firm drag on your reel as they are one fish that is renowned for taking you straight back into the snags and busting you off in the blink of an eye. In terms of live bait smaller poddy mullet and prawn are some of the best ones going. The crabbing has been consistent lately with some nice ones crawling into the pots when they have been set for the day. There has not been huge numbers although the quality has been great and using fresh bait and dropping the pots in likely looks spots should see you getting this quality. Look for small to medium size creeks with a deeper mangrove crowded mouth as this is prime mud crab habitat.

With the current conditions it has made heading offshore quite uncomfortable and difficult although the anglers that have been fishing out there have been reporting consistent fishing. The red throats are on the chew when fishing in the reef shallows and those using fresh squid and slab baits have been coming across the catches. There have been some steady reports of juvenile marlin getting caught also which are a great sport fish on light line. Trolling pushers and skipping gar are two techniques which are catching fish and are simple to apply in the fishing field. In the bay the fingermark have been abundant when the weather has permitted dropping some plastics for them on the shoaly grounds and areas with structure.

The weather this weekend should make the rivers a better option and fishing a few live baits into the snags targeting a few mangrove jacks should prove entertaining.

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