Weekly Report 13 Sep 13

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Weekly Report 13 Sep 13

Post by Brad » Fri Sep 13, 2013 1:44 pm

The calmer conditions at the moment are ideal for the land based locations along the coastline such as Pallarenda and the breakwalls. Flicking around poppers and surface stick baits is a top option to get into some of the Barra which are getting caught. Casting along the rocks of the breakwall and working the lure along with a few pauses is a simple retrieve to attract any fish cruising along looking for an easy meal. The Koolabung poppers are a great lure along with the Strada Zieda stickbaits. There have also been some nice flathead getting landed along the beaches with Pallarenda a top spot to chase these fish. Using soft plastics works great for flathead and there are literally thousands of different types on the current market but there are a few favourites such as the D.O.A shrimp and the range of Gulp flick baits. Using plastics which are brighter in colour seem to work better and it is always a wise move to have a few pink ones in your arsenal as they are known to be the best colour. Fresh bait such as yabbies and peeled prawn are also good options and while using bait you will catch a bit more variety including whiting, grunter and some larger bream.

Reports of big bream have been flowing in from the estuaries with both pikey and yellowfin willing to take fresh baits. Anglers fishing around the sandy drop offs are doing quite well and the simple running sinker rig is fine for this fishing just use a light sinker to allow the bait to drift around with the tide and present itself better. Fresh prawn is one of the better baits for bream and a good tip is to peel the shell off for better results. The Barra fishing is improving with better size fish getting caught with the warmer water firing the fish up. Casting medium to large size soft plastics around the snags has been scoring some good fish for those putting in the time and peppering likely looking areas. The big Zerek live prawn and Cherabin are working well and fishing them nice and slow through the structure is a simple and effective technique. Anglers using live baits have been getting into some nice action as well and dropping mullet into the deeper holes is seeing catches of good size fingermark turning up. The change of the high tide has been the ideal time with the slow in the tide allowing your offering to hang on the bottom nicely and tempt any timid feeding fish.

Some great conditions on the forecast for offshore fishing are allowing many keen fishos to launch the boat and head out to the reef in the hope of catching some quality fish. The mackerel have been around in big numbers with anglers that have been out recently scoring some excellent quality. Trolling divers such as the Bolt mystique and the Halco laser pros are doing well. It is always a wise move to cast out a pilchard or gar on a set of gang hooks if you are anchored up too as this will give you a chance to catch any mackerel that are cruising around. The shallow reefs are fishing well for coral trout and red throat emperor which are great fish to target on both bait and lures. Soft plastics are heaps on fun when jigged around the reefs with not only trout and lippers taking a liking to them but just about any other fish that lives on the reef. Look for areas of structure such as bigger reef bommies as they are prime areas for coral trout to hang around and dropping your lines around these spots of structure will see you hooked up in no time. The deeper water will also be well worth a good crack with larger red emperor and nannygai around in reasonable numbers from reports with the numbers not massive but the quality of the fish has been exceptional.

The forecast looks ideal for a spot of offshore and bay fishing targeting a few of the mackerel which have been around in good numbers, also fishing on the reefs for coral trout should prove rewarding.

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