Weekly Report 23 Oct 13

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Weekly Report 23 Oct 13

Post by Brad » Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:45 pm

Local anglers have been reporting good catches of jacks and there has been some decent size to the fish also with many pushing over the legal 35cm size limit. Small poppers and stick baits are excellent choices to use on sunrise, sunset and also into the night with the strikes awesome of a good size jack nailing a surface plug. The lakes and the many mangrove lined banks of the saltwater Ross creek are ideal areas to scurry around casting these surface lures. This time of year is excellent to walk the banks of any freshwater creek in search of sooty grunter, jungle perch, jacks, tarpon and the occasional barra.

Walking the creeks such as crystal, rolling stone and many others can provide some great fishing with stacks of variety on offer. Trekking upstream and casting upwards then working your lure down with the current is a top technique to fish the water effectively and minimise the chance of spooking and fish. Surface lures are good lure choices as often the fish especially jungle perch will be looking for anything that falls from the trees onto the water surface to feed on. With the water crystal clear and shallow it is a wonderful form of fishing.

Well we can say that the grunter fishing over the past few weeks has been great with consistent numbers of these fish around and in many different locations. The size has been exceptional as well with fish upwards of 70cm not too uncommon which is top quality. Bait fishing with large squid and slabs of gar and mullet are doing the goods. Making sure you have the right size sinker will do a lot to your success also as you want the bait to be drifting around on the bottom without being anchored with no movement. Also using a lighter leader of 30lb will help to entice a bite as they don’t have any teeth so you won’t have to worry about getting bitten off. Grunter are a top table fish with them tasting great on a sandwich just keep in mind of the bag limits of 10 per person as the school can come through and you can reach those numbers quite easily.

The offshore waters have been mild with only small windows in the weather allowing anglers to get out for a fish. There have still been steady numbers of coral trout coming from the deeper water which are willingly taking both bait and jigs. Fishing structure in a water depth of 40m plus is seeing the bigger specimens getting caught along with a lot of other variety. Long nose emperor have been in numbers and they are a top fighting fish with the hard fighting nature of them making them a great target on lighter tackle jigs. Anglers fishing the bay areas in the breaks of calmer weather which have been early in the mornings are catching some reasonable fingermark on soft plastics with the very proven gulp range doing wonders. The squid viscous and jerk shads are ideal models to be using.

There isn’t too much left of the barra season to go so getting your line in the water every chance you have targeting this cracking fish is a good game plan. Southern creeks such as Morrissey’s have been going great with the snags around the mouth and ideal spot to be fishing.

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