Weekly Report 26 Nov 13

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Weekly Report 26 Nov 13

Post by Brad » Tue Nov 26, 2013 12:07 pm

With similar conditions over the past week the fishing has stayed consistent from areas such as the lakes and Ross creek. Plenty of energetic tarpon have been around for the avid light line anglers using small lures. Along the beaches and around the river mouths the occasional nice flathead has been getting landed also. Fresh slab bait or prawns have been doing well and a little tip is to slowly wind the bait back in, this keeps your line taught so you can feel any subtle bites whilst also covering a bit more ground in which you are fishing. Dusky flathead do have a maximum size limit of 75cm so if you do hook a big one just keep in mind of this size limit. By using baits along the beaches you can come across a variety of by catch also such as grunter, bream, whiting and salmon all of which are welcome. The occasional unwelcome species such as stingrays and shovelnose rays do get caught and releasing them back into the water is the best option as they all play a part in the ecosystem.

The creeks and rivers have slowed a little on the catches with the occasional fingermark turning up in the deeper sections. Live herring is great for the fingermark when they are a little tougher to catch on other techniques as live bait is just too hard for them to resist. Structure is the key to catching a few of these fish as they will reside in areas that they can hide and ambush any prey that cruises past. The few days of patchy rain have stirred the crabs up with some good catches being reported. Crabbers dropping the pots in for the day have had good results although a bit of sorting has been involved. Setting them up the smaller feeder creeks on the high tide has been getting the better crabs rather than out on the flats. As always decent size fresh bait will get you the nicer quality bucks and setting the pots overnight can also turn up the best results.

Mild conditions have allowed for the quick reef trip for keen fishers and results have varied. Steady catches of nannygai both small and large mouths are coming from the outer shoals and around reefs in the daytime hours. Good size baits fished on the bottom are fooling the majority of fish with the odd red emperor getting caught as well. Drifting is a top method to fish these shoaly areas as the fish won’t always be holding in the same spot, moving around and feeding as they go. Drifting can cover more ground and locate the fish faster for you then it’s just a matter of trying to stay on them continuing the bent rods. One fish that has been getting caught in good numbers recently has been the cobia and mainly on lures. Soft plastics and light knife jigs are working although they have been caught on heaps of different lure styles so it pays to keep mixing it up to get the best results.

Fishing up the creek for a few flathead and targeting the odd nice size fingermark in the holes should provide plenty of fun whilst also dropping in the crab pots for a great plan B at the end of the day.

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