Weekly Report 1 Dec 13

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Weekly Report 1 Dec 13

Post by Brad » Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:10 pm

Weather conditions have dictated where land based anglers have been spending the majority of their time chasing a few fish with the closer spots along the Ross turning up some nice fish. The bridges are treating anglers to good size mangrove jacks with fish upwards of 45cm getting caught. Setting up a live bait rod and casting deep into the pylons has been the way to get a bite from the biggest of jacks lurking in the structure. Using small to medium size livies is the way to go and prawn and poddy mullet work the best. Lures have accounted for some nice fish too and prawn imitations have been going great such as the D.O.A 3’’ shrimp along with the Gulp and Zerek styles as well. Fishing the lures a bit deeper and nice and slow has been the technique to entice a bite from the jacks and some reasonable by catch is getting landed also such as trevally, tarpon, fingermark and the occasional blue salmon. In terms of the better bite times fishing early morning and at night has been when the better fish are deciding to feed.

It seems the mangrove jacks have got a bad attitude at the moment with some great reports coming from the creek and river systems and some horror stories of anglers loosing quality fish and plenty of rigs in single outings. Fishing in the snags has by far been the best method and from reports this is where the majority of the mangrove jacks have been holding. Cruising along a likely looking snag filled bank and casting lures deep into every snag then continuing to work them out slowly and giving the good spots a thorough look is a top technique to find the quality fish. Hard bodies and soft plastics both work well for jacks and a few proven lures are the Koolabung 80mm razorback prawn, the Strada tera 90mm and the D.O.A shrimp.

The crabs are fairly consistent for the people crabbing for a full day and overnight sets are getting better results again. The rain does stir them up and dropping the pots in locations such as medium size creek mouths and along slightly deeper mangrove and mud lined banks are proving worthwhile. Just keep in mind the regulations for mud crabs are that they have to be 15cm across the carapace and you cannot take females. The bag limit is 10 per person also and you can only set 4 pots per person which have to be marked with your name and address on both the pot and float.

The shallower waters around the bay and islands are great options with the inconsistent weather patterns which have been going on. Heading out in the morning when the winds have been down has been the better weather window to do some fishing and from reports there have been some god fish around. Fishing slab baits around the many rocks outcrops has been producing good size grassy sweetlip and fingermark along with the occasional bar cheek coral trout. Fishing away from the rocks on the rubble patches is turning up nice size grunter which are a schooling fish so when you catch one there is normally a few more around so get ready for some action.

Summertime is not generally thought of as mackerel time although from anglers reports they are getting caught on the offshore reefs and inshore the summer species
of grey mackerel is also making its presence felt. Trolling smaller diving minnows in bright colours and chromes is doing the damage on the greys in areas where the
right amount of bait and current has been found. Angers also drifting gar and pillies have been catching their fair share.

With the crabs active at the moment a day up the creek setting the pots and fishing the snags for a nice size mangrove jack should provide plenty of fun.

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