Weekly Report 9 Dec 13

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Weekly Report 9 Dec 13

Post by Brad » Mon Dec 09, 2013 2:16 pm

Tides that have been growing in size are stirring up plenty of bait around spots that have been feeling the brute of the current. The break wall has been producing a fair amount of variety in the form of mangrove jacks, cod, trevally and the odd queen fish all coming from the ample amounts of rocky structure it is renowned for. The causeway is another top spot to be fishing with the larger tides as it really does get some speed as it flows through the pipes stirring up all matter of things for larger fish to feed on. This is when sinking lures are a good option as they can get down to the bottom quicker than normal diving lures in the current.

Blades are one of the best options with the action quite strong when they are jigged back drawing the attention from any nearby fish. A few reasonable trevally have been smacking the lures which are great fun in the tide as they pull the line of a small spin reel with ease. The occasional nice flathead is also getting caught mainly along beaches and river mouths along the coast such as Saunders and Balgal areas. Once again sinking lures are a top option with the shape of a flathead giving away where you want your lure to be – on the bottom. Letting it sink to the bottom and hopping it up then continuing to swim it along the bottom is a simple and effective technique to score a few fish.

With the weather keeping most anglers in the creeks and rivers and putting a bit of a dampener on offshore trips they have been left to fish the protected areas although still with some good success. The estuary systems have been turning up some nice salmon of both the blue and threadfin varieties. Each species of salmon has been more prevalent in particular areas with the more aggressive blues getting caught at smaller creek mouths that have more tidal flow and on both diving lures and bait. The threadfin salmon on the other hand have been found in the deeper sections of river systems around the mouths and creek junctions.

They can be tougher to catch at times and are targeting by anglers on lures quite successfully. Lures such as the transam, fish candy and koolabung blades are just a few of the proven ones with gulp soft plastics and squidgy plastics doing good also. Fishing on the hour each side of the tide change is the better time to catch them as it is easier to work your lure when the current is less as well. Maintain constant feel of your lure is also important as the bite can be quite subtle so having a quick hook set can work well to land these great fighting fish.

The smaller doggy mackerel have been around in reasonable numbers in the bay and shoaly areas. They haven’t been massive in size although the numbers have been making up for it particularly when they are getting caught by spinning small metal slices and buck tail jigs. The shoals around the reefs have been producing good quality nannygai recently also with the day time still turning up great numbers of these fish. Night time was always thought to be the best time to catch nannygai but from recent catches in the day time it is challenging this thought with anglers doing their best from an overnight trip in the sunlight hours. Large slab and squid baits are doing the damage and using a strong leader of 80lb will see you landing a few more fish and avoiding any bust offs if there is some nasty structure around.

Weather depending this weekend does look like it might be a blow out although with the creeks and rivers fishing great at the moment they look like the better option
to be throwing in a line targeting some of the salmon which have been around.

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