Weekly Report 13 Dec 13

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Weekly Report 13 Dec 13

Post by Brad » Fri Dec 13, 2013 1:59 pm

Calm mornings have allowed for some exploring around the headlands and along the beaches with good success. Healthy catches of flathead are the main fish getting landed with bait and lures both scoring fish. Lures are a top choice when you are walking along the beach as you can fan your casts around to cover as much area as possible and covering new ground. This method often gets the better catches as you don’t miss too many fish that normally stationary bait fishing would. In terms of
lures soft plastics are a good option in particular curl tails as you can swiftly work them along while their action is still suitable. Anglers fishing the freshwater are coming across some really good fishing for popular species such as sooty grunter and jungle perch.

Walking small freshwater creeks often upstream is a great technique and ideal to come across decent numbers of fish. With plenty of overhanging trees and shaded areas surface lures are a good choice such as poppers, fizzers and stick baits. It’s exciting fishing with often a few keen fish darting out and arguing over which one is to smack the lure skimming along the surface. A couple of good lures are the Strada Chaos 45mm popper and the Strada Dancer 55mm stick bait in natural green colours.

Well it is that time of year when everyone is looking for a feed of crabs and some steady reports are coming in. Those setting the pots toward the mouths of the rivers
and along thick mangrove lined banks are coming up trumps. Setting them overnight is also getting some good ones although putting in big bait is recommended as they get a hard time when they are in the water for a good amount of hours. Fish frames are the go along with mullet heads although I think just about every crabber has their own lucky bait to use, we do hear that catfish is quite good also. The right location of the pots will also do a lot for your success on the crabs. In terms of the fishing there are some nice jacks getting landed from anglers fishing in the snags.

The reef reports have been a little hit and miss lately but those concentrating on the early morning and late afternoon tides have been producing the goods with some
very nice coral trout willing to take a pilchard or two. The deeper waters around the 30 metre mark seem to be the place to be for both trout and red throat at the
moment. This is often the case this time of year as the water temperature starts to heat up many of the larger fish tend to head into deeper water to feed in a more
comfortable surroundings.

Inshore the stocked impoundments like Peter Faust Dam have been fishing quite well in recent weeks with the big barra willing to play the game and with the full moon looming the big barra should be on the chew. During the barra closure it is illegal to target Barra anywhere else except in declared Queensland stocked impoundment.

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