Weekly Report 20 Dec 13

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Weekly Report 20 Dec 13

Post by Brad » Fri Dec 20, 2013 8:44 am

Hi everyone with the festive season fast approaching the whole team at Tackle World Townsville would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and may the fish be with you over the New Year. This time of year usually throws up some very good fingermark with the larger fish showing up around the rocky headlands and bays up and down the coast. Find yourself a little bit of structure on the bottom, remember it doesn't have to be to much to hold fish. Try jigging a few soft plastics like the Gulps or if the tidal flow allows try one of the many soft vibe lures available like Transams, Senseye, Thready busters and the Fish Candy they will all catch fish during the daylight hours. If you prefer chasing these great eating fish during at night then it is hard to go past live squid as a bait to entice these fish.

Fingermark are also often found at the mouths of most of the deeper creeks and rivers this time of year right up until the rains come and the systems start to get influence by the freshwater runoff. These fish prefer the cleaner water and will move out of the area if the salinity of the water starts to change. Live green back herring are one of the best baits for chasing fingermark in these areas. A lot of angers struggle to keep these bait fish alive and probably the single most important
tip is to make sure you put them in a separate bucket for a few minutes allowing them to purge and clean the loose scales of themselves before transferring them into
your main live bait tank, if you can also try keep them separate from any other baits.

One overall tip to keeping bait alive during the summer months when no matter what you do everything just dies. This is usually a result of the surface temperature of
the water and regardless of how much you aerate or change the water you just struggle to keep the bait alive. The answer is a handful of ice just throw it in your tank to lower the water temperature and monitor it throughout the day repeating the process if needed.

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