Weekly Report 14 Mar 14

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Weekly Report 14 Mar 14

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 14, 2014 11:52 am

With the wind up in recent times the beaches haven’t been the place to be, but this weekend will be different so definitely worth a crack. Light spin gear and soft plastic prawns like the classic DOA shrimps will definitely entice species such as flathead, bream, trevally and maybe even the odd barra hunting around the beaches.
Once again anglers wanting to get out of the wind, sweet water fishing has been successful, plenty of good sized sooties getting around. Because they’re not a species known to be picky and are very aggressive, they are great to target on a range of small lures such as blades, soft plastics, hard bodies and even will take a surface lure which is always exciting.

The mudcrabs have been on the move and are nice and full after getting just enough rain a few weeks before. There were also plenty of barra getting caught along with the odd nice sized mangrove jack. With the bigger tides this weekend, concentrate around the mouths of drains and smaller creeks branching off the main creek during the outgoing tide, barras will hang around these areas waiting for the bait to be flushed out, this will work for both lure fishing and bait fishing.

Not a lot to report this week after the forecast that did or didn’t happen. However there are reports of plenty of juvenile black marlin out of Cairns at the moment,
hopefully we’ll be seeing them down this way in a couple of months for another cracker light tackle season. The mackerel season is also shaping up to be a good one
again with numbers getting around down south, a promising sign for when the water starts to cool down.

As the wind seems to be backing off just in time for the weekend a trip out to the shoals and wrecks may be in order, in conjunction with the bigger tides, the bait
fish will be moving and the mackerel and tuna will be fired up. Don’t forget when sounding around keep an eye out for birds and baitfish on the surface, this is
always a good indication of feeding tuna and/or mackerel, be ready with a spinning outfit and metal lure to cast right into the school……hold on!!!

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