Weekly Report 9 May 14

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Weekly Report 9 May 14

Post by Brad » Fri May 09, 2014 5:42 pm

The land based fishing has been a bit quiet lately, but some good reports of some very nice jungle perch or JP being caught is exciting for the sweet water fisherman. Being a very wary fish, this makes the jungle perch a rewarding species to catch. Small diving hard bodies, small wriggler-like soft plastics and even surface lures have accounted for many JP’s; it’s just a matter of the right choice on the day. With the cooler weather moving in we’ll start seeing more breams getting around the breakwaters and even the Castletown lakes area, which make a great option to take the kids out fishing without much fuss. A small running sinker and long shank hook with a small prawn as bait will hopefully produce the goods.

The creeks and creek mouths have been the best option for fisherman in recent weeks as there hasn’t been a lot of days where the wind has been down. A few lucky fishers have been amongst the grunter, with a few very nice sized fish getting caught in the mouths of some creeks. Cuttlefish heads make great bait for grunter. Further up the creeks the barras have been biting after the wet season with trolling and live baiting as always accounting for the better sized fish. Although with the weather starting to cool down, casting lures in the shallows around the timber will be another option, with prawn imitation lures being very successful. This option will also better the chance of catching some nice sized jacks in the same areas. Jacks are a very aggressive fish and it’s mostly a case of getting the lure right in the strike zone, tight against the timber and they will not be able to resist.

As the temperature starts to drop don’t think the Barra go off the bite I can assure you barra can be caught all year round and often as the temperature decrease into the cooler months barra tend to switch to smaller prey like prawns and smaller bait. So if you are live baiting then live prawns are the go to bait and when it comes to luring then DOA or Zerek prawn style soft plastics and smaller minnow lures work well. Don’t be afraid to fish shallower as the temperature decreases as these areas tend to be warmer and often fish in the shallower areas are there hunting which is what you want.

With a few boats taking advantage of the small window of decent weather during the week last week, the reports have come in of good number of mackerels already hanging around on the shoals and even closer still near the headlands. Trolling rigged wolf herrings around sounded up bait schools proved successful for those hanging on the shoals. For the anglers in closer there were plenty smaller mackerels getting caught on knife jigs and other similar metal lures.
There were also plenty of coral trout and red throats still being caught with the odd big red emperor thrown into the mix out amongst the reefs. Using metal vibes along the reef edges will definitely entice a big coral trout into biting as they are very aggressive. Working the lure up and down close to the bottom is the key. The Strada X-Blade is a great choice for this, as they vibrate hard and are equipped with super strong Shinto trebles. Another great vibe to keep in mind is the new Koolabung 60g Reef Ripper.

So with the wind up around the 20knots mark for the weekend (again) sticking to the creeks will just about be the only option, with the bigger tides leading into the full moon next Thursday, the jacks and barra will surely be fired up especially as the water warms up again after the very short cold snap we had.

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