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Report 09/10/14

Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2014 8:53 pm
by Nicole Penfold
Next week is shaping up to be very nice out on the water with an average 10 knots forecast there should be plenty of opportunity to get offshore and troll up some Spanish mackerel or work the bottom for some nice reef fish. In recent weeks the reports from anglers managing to get offshore have been very promising with the pressure points on the reefs fishing particularly well for good coral trout. These areas around the reef usually hold fusilier schools so keep an eye out for shoals of these fish bubbling on the surface. If you are into some drag screaming action and love fishing for fun then these areas are also the go to zones for big GTs. Working a few poppers or stick baits through these fusilier schools is great fun if you love a fight. The mighty GT is not much chop on the dinner plate but great sports fish so if you do manage to get one aboard make sure you look after them and release them unharmed to fight again another day they are too much fun to only catch once.

While we are on the topic of fishing for fun there are heaps of long-tail tuna schools around at the moment. They can sometimes be quite frustrating to catch as they can spook easily when you get close to them. Often it is best to try to predict which direction they are feeding in and sit and wait for them to come to you. It is also very important to match the hatch with these fish. Small slices and metal slugs cast into the feeding school are cranked at speed will often result in the best hook up rate. However you must use something that matches the size and profile of the bait they are feeding on or they will not play the game. The Arma range of metal slugs is quite varied and it is well worth having a few different colours and profiles in your tackle box when chasing these fish.

Fishing the bottom in recent weeks has proven quite productive with some very nice red emperor and large mouth nannygai being caught on the shoals around the 30 to 40 metre mark. Cuttlefish heads and fresh squid have been working well while the humble pilchard seems to be the go to bait for trout. There has still been some nice Spanish mackerel around the reef and wrecks of the Hinchinbrook /Townsville area and the shoals of the Burdekin. Trolled baits have been working well with gar and wolf herring the pick of the baits. When it comes to lures one that diving to around 3 to 4 metres and trolled at around 6 knots have been accounting for their fair share also.

In the creeks and rivers it has all been about the Barra with the water temperature on the rise the Barra are starting to smash well-presented live baits and slow floating lures around the snags. The soft vibe style lures and soft plastics rigged weedless are also producing some very nice Barra in recent days.

This weekend looks ideal for chasing a few pelagics whether it is casting metals at tuna or trolling lures for Spanish mackerel – Sunday look the better day wind wise. Dependent on the winds if the creeks are the place for you then the mouths of the creeks on the change of the tide should produce some nice Barra on both live baits and lures.

Have a great weekend
Danny, Renee & the Tackle World Team
Tackle World Townsville (07 4725 1266)
Domain Central, Townsville, QLD 4814
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Re: Report 09/10/14

Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2014 9:02 pm
by Nicole Penfold
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