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Report 13/11/14

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 1:21 pm
by subeditor
With the barra season now closed, most anglers have been heading up the creeks in chase of a few mangrove jacks, and there have been plenty getting around. Smaller hard bodied lures and soft plastic prawn imitation lures are definitely the go for lure anglers. Work the lures in tight to the snags against the banks and the jacks won’t be able to resist as they are naturally a very aggressive species. For the bait fisho’s a jack won’t be able to resist a nice oily bait such as pilchard or mud herring threaded onto a hook and small running sinker rig, simple yet effective for floating baits back into snags.

This time of year is great for heading to the inshore shoals in chase of some quality grunters and fingermark. There has also been some big trevally and queenfish being caught on stickbaits and knife jigs around the headlands on the bigger tides. So there has been plenty of action inshore for those with slightly smaller boats still wanting to take advantage of the calm weather.

The weather has been reasonable for some time now, so the reports have been flooding in of plenty of nice reef fish getting caught. The Spanish mackerel have been king, with still some nice big fish getting caught around the reefs, so don’t forget to have that floating pilchard out whilst you’re bottom fishing. There have still been huge numbers of red throats getting caught. The bigger reds (red emperor and large mouth nannygai) have been a little harder to find, but once the right country is located then there have been some solid fish making their way into the ice boxes.

Options are endless this weekend with suitable weather for the reef, shoals and creeks, so take your pick. Tides will have less run this weekend after last week’s full moon, so finding spots, whether it’s out the reef or in the creek, where there is still some current or movement in the tide will be key, as this is where the bait should be mostly concentrated.

Barramundi season closure:
Mid-day Saturday 1st November for 3 months until Mid-day Sunday 1st February

Coral Reef Fin Fish Closure:
19th November to 23rd November.

Have a great weekend
Danny, Renee & the Tackle World Team
Tackle World Townsville (07 4725 1266)
Domain Central, Townsville, QLD 4814

Re: Report 13/11/14

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 1:22 pm
by subeditor
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