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Report 20/2/15

Posted: Fri Feb 20, 2015 9:18 am
by subeditor
With the large tides this weekend, and the small amount of rain around, the crabs will be on the move. With the large tides that we have this weekend setting your pots out on the flats around the creek mouths will be a great option, the crabs will move the whole way out, and your pots won’t get washed away with the current like if you were to place them up the creek. There have been plenty of reports of good crab numbers, not only from the pots but bait fisherman being harassed by crabs on their baits. The big tides should push the bait into the creeks, along with that will come the trevallies, queenfish and salmon, great sport for the light line fisherman and the family. Small lures such as maribou jigs are a weapon on species such as these.

The winds are down slightly this weekend, as mentioned above the tides are up, that’s a decent recipe for the tunas that have been getting around of late and a good opportunity to get out and chase a few. Spin outfits around the 4000 size are perfect for catching tunas, they pull plenty of line and are great fun. Always remember to have a range of metal slugs in different sizes, because on the day if the tuna are tuned into chasing a particular sized bait, you will need to ‘match the hatch’ to get any interest out of them.

There will be certainly a few bigger boats keeping a very close eye on the wind forecast this weekend as it looks like coming down slightly this weekend, but with the storms predicted it would be wise to watch closely. However when there are storms around, especially tropical lows brewing the red throat emperors go crazy and are around in plague proportions. Again with the bigger tides, the bait will be pushed higher in the water column and the mackerels will be in and amongst it, so either trolling around the reef edges, or whilst anchored up having that pilchard on a set of gangs floating out the back could prove fruitful.

If you do get offshore then this weekend is shaping up as a red throat emperor frenzy with the cyclone slipping below us we are likely to get great weather and great fishing. Check the latest forecast before heading out this time of year with so many storms around.

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Have a great weekend
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Re: Report 20/2/15

Posted: Fri Feb 20, 2015 9:18 am
by subeditor
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