Report 1/5/15

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Report 1/5/15

Post by subeditor » Fri May 01, 2015 2:08 pm

This months Tackle World Challenge is to catch a mud crab (big buck crab) and email your photo to us or post it on our facebook page for your chance to win the $250 Tackle Pack
The creeks are still a bit quiet however the beaches on the other hand have been producing good number of quality whiting and flathead. Both baits and lures have been working well, smaller baits like sand worms and peeled prawns are the best bet with a small long shank or bloodworm style hook rigged with a small running ball sinker as just one quick and simple way to rig up. There have been a few positive reports coming out of the estuaries with good numbers of mangrove jacks getting around on the edges of mud bars and in the snags with smaller profile hard bodies the go for the very aggressive fish. You’re sure to get a bite out of one if you can get your lure right in tight amongst the timber.
It might also be worth throwing in a few pots with May being one of the best months to chase the mighty muddie with the quality of crab often very high during the next few months.

The headlands and bay have been producing the smaller fingermark. The smaller mackerel should start running soon and the bar cheek trouts have still been getting caught around the islands. Micro jigs have been effective when chasing trouts and fingermarks inshore and big queenfish are often a welcome bycatch when working these jigs for the more traditional bottom fish like trout and fingermark.

With a weekend of good weather having just passed and another better stint of it coming many anglers have been focusing their efforts offshore with plenty to report. The wrecks and shoals have produced some solid Spanish mackerel of late on both gars and wolf herrings trolled on downriggers. We’ve heard of the odd big 25kg+ giant trevally getting around amongst the bait schools in these areas as well, they’re likely to test the integrity of your tackle, great sport. The reefs have been fishing well with quality trouts coming aboard, when the sharks haven’t been lurking around. Having a floating pilchard out the back when anchored up has produced some nice Spanish mackerel as always. If you can get them live fusilier are very good baits set out the back late afternoon. With the assured good weather coming we’ve heard of a few bigger boats making the trek out to the shelf chasing the big reds.

We’ve been blessed with another good run of calm weather for this weekend ahead, we have plenty of wolf herrings in stock along with ready-made chin guard rigs and nice size local caught gar perfect as mack baits and wog head rigs to go along with them. There have been plenty of mackerel around both the reefs and headlands in close for the smaller boats to get out and chase.

INFO BOARD - It's great to be a North Queenslander with perfect weather and good tides making for a great weekend on the water.

Have a great weekend
Danny, Renee & the Tackle World Team
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Elliot Ruddle managed to get this very nice threadfin salmon on board on a recent trip to Groper creek.
TownsThready1515.jpg (28.84 KiB) Viewed 1291 times
Catch a feed of muddies like these and send in your photo to be in the running for this months Tackle World Challenge
TownsMuddy1515.jpg (5.77 KiB) Viewed 1291 times
Harry Mack caught a nice feed of grunter on a recent night fishing session.
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Casszandra Ford was very excited to land her first barra while fishing the Burdekin recently it took a pink lure on her pink rod in her favourite pink shirt it isn’t hard to work out your favourite colour Casszandra.
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Re: Report 1/5/15

Post by subeditor » Fri May 01, 2015 2:09 pm

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