Report 12/6/15

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Report 12/6/15

Post by subeditor » Fri Jun 12, 2015 2:52 pm

This month the Tackle World Challenge is to catch a whiting. There has been some great photos sent in so far. So if you want to join the challenge just simply catch one of these fish and email your photo to us or post it on our facebook page for your chance to win the $250 Tackle Pack
With the tiny sprinkling of rain around and the continuous overcast conditions, the mangrove jacks have really fired up of late in the creeks. Plenty of anglers have reported good numbers and most fish over the legal limit. Smaller profile soft plastics rigged weedless so that they can be worked around tight timber and structure is a perfect option for jacks. The Fuze range of soft plastics has a model perfect for this "the Doctor" in the 85mm size is definitely a go to and perfect size and with a nice subtle easy to work action, they’re definitely a must have. There have been plenty taking advantage of the good run of crabs lately with reports of all legal bucks being big and full of meat, on the bigger tides it’s worth mentioning that having your pots right out the mouth of the creeks is the best place. The beaches have also been good for a spot of fishing lately, small stick baits and little poppers work really well on whiting, perfect for the kids who are just into winding the handle of their reel all the time.

There hasn’t been much chance to head out into the bay and around the islands with the lack of window in the break in the high wind forecasts. For those lucky enough there was a chance to head out last Friday, there were a few fingermark around, but still no sign of good numbers of the smaller school mackerel. It is a good sign however with the past week of high winds and over cast conditions the water temperature has dropped substantially which should bring the bait in following by the mackerels, so with the next drop in the wind it’ll be well worth getting out there for a look.

We’re still waiting for a decent stint of good weather to hear from any of the reef boats heading out wider of the shoals, there have been a few that braved the slight drop to 10-15 knots, and headed out onto the shoals with a few good Spanish mackerel around the 10kg mark plus plenty of big cobia on the wrecks and hanging around the bait schools.

With bigger tides this weekend, the creeks are a good place to head, especially given the wind forecast again not playing nice, it does look like it’s dropping down the middle of next week and hopefully it holds out for the following weekend (fingers crossed). Don’t forget to take the crab pots if you enjoy a good feed of mud crab, focus setting your pots out around the mouths of the bigger systems. During low tide it’s a great time to chase some live bait to have during high tide around the turn of the tide.

INFO BOARD - Checkout our website for many of the local anglers taking up the "Tackle World Challenge". So get involved I dare you!

Have a great weekend
Danny, Renee & the Tackle World Team
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Ray Collins fished one of his secret spots off Maggie landing this cracker of a grunter.
TownsGrunter12615.jpg (41.96 KiB) Viewed 1303 times
Terry Spletter had a ball using light line to land this nice flathead
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Louise Sutcliffe caught her first Barra on a recent trip to the Burdekin this monster it took a live bait.
TownsBarra12615.jpg (12.12 KiB) Viewed 1303 times

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Re: Report 12/6/15

Post by subeditor » Fri Jun 12, 2015 2:53 pm

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