Report 16/7/15

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Report 16/7/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:40 pm

The fish in the creeks have been a little quiet of late, being that time of year when it’s a little cooler and the water temperature lowers right down the fish become a little harder to get to bite. Finding success this time of year comes with downsizing your lures and using lighter leaders like 30lb/40lb instead of maybe 50lb/60lb, usually species like barras and jacks are chasing smaller baitfish and the water is a lot cleaner so really natural colours are a good choice and picking which lure to use. The crabs have also been about in good numbers and are full and good quality when you manage to find a few legal bucks in the pots.

Finally, solid reports are coming in of the school mackerel getting around the weed beds in Cape Cleveland back towards Alligator Creek, out towards west point on Magnetic Island and also around the shipping channel markers. The odd smaller Spanish mackerel has also been around the same areas mixed in with the schoolies. Burleying up and having a pilchard floating out on a couple of small gang hooks is a great way to fish for the smaller mackerel. There has also been some solid fingermark getting caught mixed in with the odd small mouth nannygai for the guys doing a bit of bottom fishing on the inshore shoals.

With the decent patch of good weather recently, there has been plenty of boats heading out chasing mackerel and billfish on the shoals, with scattered reports. There have been plenty of tunas about, but only the odd nice Spanish mackerel getting caught. The boats that headed out to the reefs fared well, with plenty of large mouth nannygai and the casual big red emperor coming aboard, the boats hanging tighter to the reefs also caught plenty of trouts. The anglers chasing fish on jigs done well with a variety of fish from big trouts to hard fighting green jobfish.

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