Report 14/8/15

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Report 14/8/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Aug 14, 2015 2:54 pm

The reports from the creeks have been a little quiet with the good weather of late and everyone heading out into the bay chasing the school mackerel around. But what we have heard about the creeks is there has been plenty of big breams and flathead getting around both the snags and edges of the sand flats. The boats doing a spot of live baiting have seen a few nice jacks and smaller barras. During the cooler months, when opting to use lures, keeping the size down and the colours nice and natural is key. The water in the estuaries tends to be a lot cleaner and there is usually a lot of prawns around, so a prawn imitation hard body or soft plastic would be a good option, the Strada Zeus has been proving quite successful with this in mind, also as a suspending lure it will stay in the ‘strike zone’ a lot longer.

As mentioned earlier there have been a lot of school mackerel getting around in the bay, and not confined to just the weed beds, as there has been plenty of bait around and some nice water pushing into the bay. There has been the odd nice Spanish Mackerel around as well, the best reports for quality mackerel have come from around the headlands and islands, trolling both wolf herring and gar baits on chin guards has been the most productive options. There has also been some very nice fingermarks getting caught in the bay on soft plastics and soft vibes, the Fuze Pulse is a perfect for this with strong terminal and 2 different weights as options depending on how much run there is in the tide.

The shoals haven’t been as productive recently for mackerel, there have been plenty of tuna, mainly mack tuna, there has however been plenty of sailfish getting caught ranging in size from 10kg to 35kg on average. There has been a few of the juvenile black marlin getting caught and released in recent weeks as well. Small skirted lures or skip baits such as garfish are both great options when targeting billfish. The reef fishing has been a little tough lately even with the good weather, there has however been plenty of red throats getting caught along with a few nice trouts. The boats spending the night have got onto plenty of nice large-mouth nannygai and the ever welcomed big red emperor thrown into the mix as well.

The creeks will be the best spot to wet a line this weekend, with of course the wind picking up just in time. There may be a small window to head out into the bay first thing in the morning. If thinking about taking the boat for a run up the creek, don’t forget to take the crab pots with you, there haven’t been huge numbers of mud crabs getting caught but the ones that have been making there way into the pots have been quality bucks.

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Lisa Barbagallo was trolling a strada tracka lure around the Cape when this nice school mackerel smashed it.
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Dylan Foster was flicking a few soft plastics around Rattle Snake Island recently when this gold spot cod hit it.
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Ethan Boyd landed his first ever bonefish while fishing near Bowen.
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Keen angler Sherriff Dury had a ball catching his first ever milk fish on bread.
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