Reports 11/9/15

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Reports 11/9/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Sep 11, 2015 3:36 pm

With the increase in temperature recently, back to more tropical conditions, the mangrove jacks have fired up in the creeks creating plenty of good sessions for both lure anglers and bait fisherman. Jacks are very aggressive and will smash lures and soft plastics when tuned into the right areas, this being tight structure along banks that will hold water at all stages of the tide, jacks don’t tend to hold in timber that will loose water towards low tide. When using baits to target jacks, a nice oily, well presented bait such as a fresh mullet slab is a great option, but you have to be onto it and react quickly after the initial strike to stop them snagging you up in the timber.

There have been a few good reports coming in of large schools of grunter getting around and some quality catches being made along the sand bars and headlands. Large fresh prawns and cuttlefish heads or baby cuttlefish are excellent baits. There has also been the odd nice fingermark getting caught in the same areas so don’t be surprised if a harder fight turns into a sold fingermark. There has been plenty of school mackerel still getting around as well, it won’t be long until the grey mackerel start moving into the bay, there has been good numbers around recently on the shoals.

On the shoals the mackerel have started to fire up in good number, plenty of quality Spanish mackerel around the 9kg mark and the odd big spotty in the mix, and plenty of smaller grey’s hanging off the bait schools. There has been good reports from wider around the reefs of good captures of red emperor with a few boats mentioning bagging out on overnight trips recently. This time of year is also a great time to get out on the bigger tides casting stick baits and poppers on the pressure points of the reefs, there has been a few more boats getting into it lately with great success, catching plenty of big trouts, red bass and the might GT stretching your gear to the absolute limits.

The winds are back up this weekend, so heading into the creeks and protection of the bays is a good option, the barras will be on the chew mixed in amongst the jacks, casting small bite sized lures around the snags are a good option with roughly 1.5m of run in the tide, there should be plenty of structure holding water in most of the local creeks, great tides to target jacks especially.

Have a great weekend
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