Report 9/10/15

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Report 9/10/15

Post by subeditor » Fri Oct 09, 2015 11:18 am

How good was that - Well done COWBOYS - Making us proud to be North Queenslanders.

The barra are firing up with the warmer weather and starting to feed a lot harder, which is a great thing for those avid lure fishermen with all forms having success. Soft plastics and vibes in the deeper sections of the creeks, working snags and drop offs have been producing the odd nice sized barra, along with some of the better bi catch including grunter, threadfin salmon and smaller fingermark. In these same areas trolling deeper and mid running lures is a good alternative. Having a selection of lures out in different profiles is an excellent way to work out, on what and how the barra are feeding on the day, it’s very important to ‘to match the hatch’.

There have also been numerous reports getting around of some very good quality flathead around the 70cm mark getting caught in the creeks and along the beaches. Small suspending lures (like the Zeus from Strada) and soft plastic prawn imitation (like the ever faithful DOA) would have to be the better options when targeting flathead around shallow sand bars and snags. In the same areas don’t be surprised to find a solid mangrove jack lurking about, especially if there is plenty of small prawn getting around.

Out in the bay there have been plenty of smaller fingermark and grunters getting caught. The odd grey mackerel has also started to show up, well worth having that floating pilchard out there. There have also been plenty of bar-cheek trouts around the islands which always love going after blades and soft plastics. There hasn’t been too much of a chance lately for boats to head offshore around the reefs

Unfortunately the winds will be up slightly this weekend but given the time of year, it’s a great opportunity to head down to the local creeks, both north and south, with optimal tides to match, a good amount of run to get the bait moving. Work lures around pressure points and eddies for barras and jacks. For the bait fishermen, concentrate around the creek mouths as there should be plenty of bait getting around along with a good variety of species, including salmon, trevally, grunter and barra.

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Have a great weekend
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Brianna Woods had a real fight on her hands landing this monster cod on recent trip.
TownsCod91015.png (90.06 KiB) Viewed 1176 times
Graeme Schulze was flicking a few lures around the causeway one afternoon when this barra screamed off with it.
TownsBarra91015.jpg (27.69 KiB) Viewed 1176 times
Gavin Miles was trolling lures at one of his secret spots when this very impressive barra smashed his lure.
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