Report 10/12/15

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Report 10/12/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:05 pm

This weekend’s weather looks preferable to head offshore around the reefs, and the scattered reports we’ve had during small glimpses of calm weather, is that there are plenty of big Spanish mackerel getting around the area. Large deep diving lures have been working a treat in the middle of the day when the bait and mackerel are moving a little deeper. We’ve heard plenty of hard luck stories where anglers have lost mackerels beside the boat by pulling hooks just before the gaff grabs in. A few key points that will help in preventing this is allowing the mackerel to do they’re blistering runs (often only twice during the fight) this subsequently wears the fish out, they’re not known as dirty fighters so that when you are close to the reef edges they won’t dodge for cover and will stay out in the open so take your time and play them out.

Another tactic to remember is when the fish comes boat side keeping the motor in gear and heading slowing forward will keep the mackerel calmly swimming forward and remember to not lift the fishes head out of the water with the rod tip so that it doesn’t shake the hooks loose, this will allow plenty of time for a calm and solid gaff shot. Hopefully these few tips help you land some quality mackerel.

For the anglers inshore there have been plenty reports of nice grunters sneaking around the beaches, along with some nice flathead. This time of year is great while the kids are on holidays to head down to the beaches earlier in the day before it gets too hot and wet a line, and hopefully land some nice fish to take home. Pick your mornings with a high tide so that you’re able to fish the last of the run in and start of the run out. Favourable baits would be sand worms, smaller fresh prawns and small strips of cuttlefish.

Offshore is the place to be this weekend if you can get out there with plenty of nice coral trout around at the moment in the slightly deeper water between the 30 and 40 metre mark. It is also worth noting there has been plenty of 20+ kg Spanish mackerel caught in recent weeks around the reef edges so make sure you prepare for these scream machines. Floating a live fusilier out the back of the boat is often a great method early morning or late afternoon. During the day with so many big fish around trolled wolf herring or large lures should also work well.

Have a great weekend

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