Report 11/3/16

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Report 11/3/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Mar 11, 2016 2:53 pm

The winds have swung around away from the North and subsequently the fish have fired up. The low pressure system hanging around off the coast has also bought about some rain and storms, this has got the jacks fired up and the barras nice and active leading into the new moon early next week. With the rain that has been about, there have been plenty of large prawns in good number hanging around the small creek mouths and gutters. Large live prawns make excellent barra baits rigged up on a dropper rig with a 5/0 wide gap hook. Rigging this way, as opposed to the running sinker rig will give the prawn maximum life and keep it up off the bottom where the barra will be feeding.

With all the bait around in the creeks there have been some nice thread-fin salmon caught by the anglers focusing their time around the deeper sections of the creek where the bait has congregated. Small vibe style lures are perfect for this, where you can easily get the lure to where the fish are and have a great life like action. The Fuze pulse is just one of the many brands and models on the market, but has proven a very successful one.

There has also been the odd report coming in of a few crabs getting caught and they will continue to get better as we get a bit more rain, and leading into Easter, notoriously a great time of year to target a few mud crabs.

With the perfect weather we had last weekend, finally more than the odd report of a few solid red emperor coming aboard the boats that headed wide of the reef fishing the deeper waters around 80m. Large whole squid is great bait and utilising a sliding snell rig is a perfect way to present your bait naturally with good hook exposure.

The tides are a little bigger this weekend leading into the new moon, this will get the prawns gathered around the mouths of the gutters. Especially with the rain around, the big tides will definitely get the crabs on the move, during these tides it’s best to set your pots out of the mouths and on the flats for the best results. High tides in the morning will provide a good chance to head out and fish the headlands before the winds pick up as forecast. There have been some nice barra and heaps of big flathead seen around the rocky outcrops both north and south of town.

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Have a great weekend
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Cody Regatteri had a great trip to the reef recently landing a good feed of fish like this Coral Trout.
TownsTrout11316.jpg (6.84 KiB) Viewed 1296 times
Michael Rainbow had a ball recently crabbing Alligator creek managing a good feed of crabs with this one being one of the better ones.
TownsCrab11316.jpg (29.03 KiB) Viewed 1296 times
Seren Horan and her dad Paul worked together to get this monster Barra aboard on a recent trip to the Burdekin.
TownsBarra11316.jpg (11.18 KiB) Viewed 1296 times

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