Report 1/4/16

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Report 1/4/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Apr 01, 2016 2:47 pm

We’ve heard plenty of barra stories recently, they are feeding well in the creeks, taking live baits, dead baits and lures. When looking to cast a couple of lures around it is key to find where the bait is hanging, the barras won’t be too far away. The fingermark have also been around in good numbers in the creeks, specifically along the front faces of ledges and deeper holes in the creek, most of which will be on the bends of the creeks. Once again, finding the bait on your sounder is important for fingermark, in these same areas there will be barra and salmons hanging around the bait. In this situation vibe style lures (eg. Fuze Pulse) are very hard to go past and will catch a variety of species.

The beaches have seen big numbers of flathead and grunter hunting around the shallows in search of bait that has come inshore. The lure of the moment that is hard to go passed casting because it has been working so well along the beaches is the Fuze Pulse Pygmy, they are the perfect size still with enough weight behind them to get a good cast in off the beach. The best retrieval technique is to keep it as close to the bottom as possible, hopping it along using the rod tip.

Around the islands and Cape Cleveland there has been plenty of squid. Squid jigs during the day can be great fun and result in either a good feed of calamari or a load of fresh bait that any fingermarks, grunter or nannygai will find to hard to resist.

When the wind has been down there has been a few boats heading out onto the shoals following reports of the odd nice Spanish mackerel around the bait schools. It has also been worth trolling some wolf herring around the headlands and islands with bigger Spaniards around. The keen anglers casting sinking stick baits have been striking mackerel and big queenfish. Look for the areas where the bait is busting up off the points and you will be in the right area for a great days fishing.

Offshore fishing won’t be the best option for this weekend, with increasing winds. The tides however will be optimal for a lot of the local creeks with plenty of run to fire everything up. Running right up the upper reaches of a lot of the local creeks will be beneficial for the turn of the high tide, then working out with the tide, concentrating on areas where the water is draining out of gutters and small creeks. Shallow diving hard bodies and/or lightly weighted soft plastics are great options in these areas. As the fresh water has started to leave the estuaries the mangrove jacks have turned back on the bite, targeting them in deeper snags during bigger tides is a key, jacks don’t tend to like moving from snag to snag before low tide, and will tend to hold on snags that will remain in the water at low tide, oily baits such as pilchards and herring are good options.

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Have a great weekend
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