Report 8/4/16

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Report 8/4/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Apr 08, 2016 1:26 pm

There has still been plenty of barra getting caught; average size has been 60-70cm in the creeks. There has also been a reports of barra out along the beaches recently, and some really solid fish as well. A great opportunity to get the kids down the beach and soak a few mullet baits or cast a few soft plastics and hard bodies around. Bigger lures work well along the beaches (the Strada Tera 125 would be perfect), the barra will generally be chasing bigger mullets and gars at this time of year along the beaches and headlands. There seems to be a lot of bait around lately as there has been a couple of sold GT’s caught from the local beaches recently as well.

In the creeks and around the mouths there has been plenty of grunter getting caught off the edges of the sand bars. The fingermark have also been around in good numbers in both the deeper holes and snags of the creeks. Soft plastic vibes are a perfect options and are one of the few artificial baits that consistently catch grunter (the Fuze Pulse is a great option, and swim and vibe well), fingermarks are very aggressive and will tend to take any lure that is put in their zone, sinking lures such as vibes and weighted soft plastics work getting down to where you need to be. When fishing deeper holes and ledges, fishing around the turn of the tide, either side, is the best time when the tide slows down and the bait is able to hang around in the area keeping the fish interested, this also means being able to keep your lures light enough to still get plenty of action out of them on the drop.

The tides are big this weekend and the wind is up, but there will still be plenty of options. The sandy creeks both north and south of Townsville are your better options during these tides. Taylors Beach to the north and Plantation creek to the south have been fishing well lately, if you don’t mind a bit of a drive in the car – ‘do the miles get the smiles’ may ring true here. Morrissey’s creek has been fishing exceptionally well lately for solid grunters in good numbers around the mouth, fresh cuttlefish baits and large fresh prawns are by far the best baits for grunters however the tides this weekend are very big and might prove hard to fish many of the creeks and rivers in the Bowling Green Bay area. Also if you’ve got the pots with you this weekend, set them out around the mouth of the creeks on the flats, during the big tides the crabs will run out of the creeks.

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Have a great weekend
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Caleb had a great day on the water fishing with his family in the Hinchinbrook Channel landing a bunch of grunter like these quality specimens.
TownsGrunter8416.jpg (20.92 KiB) Viewed 1255 times
Melina had a ball landing this nice golden trevally over the Easter break.
TownsTrev8416.jpg (23.26 KiB) Viewed 1255 times
Lachlan did a spot of spearfishing recently managing to get this quality bar cheek trout.
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